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Single Player? I am disappoint. 0

Warhammer   40,000: Dawn of War 2: Retribution (and the quest for a longer title) plays a repetitive mix of action and strategy in a game that will leave you wanting to play your favourite race and forget about the rest. When Retribution hit the shelves, they promised us six unique campaigns, but each campaign is basically the same, and focuses again on the Aurelia sector. This time however, they’ve decided they’ve had enough of this crap franchise and are just going to Exterminatus the entir...

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A Political Promise in a Box 0

                The Last Guy is a perfect example of a Political Promise Game. It comes up to you and promises you that it’ll completely knock your socks off with its unique game play, encapsulating graphics, outstanding gimmick, and no survivor left behind. The problem is it fails to deliver on all of these fronts. Allow me to explain:             The idea behind The Last Guy is that you are – presumably – one of the few survivors on Earth after a large... erm... space beam hits the earth and ...

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Another gem from Double Fine 0

Double Fine Productions (makers of Br ütal Legend, and Psychonauts) have created another masterpiece in their latest game, Costume Quest. Costume Quest is a deceptively simple game where you play Reynold, an eight year old boy who’s been tasked with keeping his younger sister, Wren, safe on Halloween in the new city they move into. Things, however, go awry very quickly when monsters invade the town, and start stealing all the candy. The monster’s aren’t too bright as they mistake Wren’s lemon-d...

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