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Fracture Demo, my experience

Just booted it up and it has the word Fracture divided by a cracked piece of earth, that's how you know this game is going to be edgy. 

Opening scene has some oddly Halo like pelicans fly under the Golden Gate Bridge and now a mini tutorial about how the suit works, it feels a bit like the opening to Halo: CE, i wonder if the designers have ever played it...

They've just taught me how to shoot a gun that raises and lowers land, amazingly I was dropped in an area with so much debris that my gun that raises and lowers land is required every 10 feet, you'd think they could find a better place to drop a soldier...

I just received some grenades from a crate and was then instructed to throw a grenade at the crate, I assumed that this meant the one I had just gotten a grenade from as it had an arrow over it, apparently in this game an arrow is what you don't want to do and instead do what the circle tells you, interesting...

There is a camera that keeps flashing in the lower right hand corner and I have no idea what it means.. maybe it's capturing footage?

I just walked into an area with a low ceiling, third-person camera dose not like low ceiling.

Apparently the walls are not at all as destructible as the earth...  except for one room that blows wide open when you toss in a grenade...

The game has just informed me that the aforementioned camera is in-fact a hint camera.... that would have been useful earlier.....

I just was rewarded for my efforts with a sniper rifle which I was allowed to use to shoot up some barrels.

So apparently everything that I just did is so that my team could land... none of them could help? OH, here comes combat!

So you can lower my land by shooting it?  that doesn't help much if my wall of defense can be lowered to the ground with a few bullets.

The bad guy just leapt through a ceiling that looked like a long fall, did he just do my job for me?

I just killled myself by raising the land into a broken catwalk.... fare thee well Fracture, I shall not miss thee.