Game of the Year 2010

My picks, in order, for GOTY 2010.

List items

  • A tough call, but the incredible ending of the game barely edged out Mass Effect and cemented Red Dead as one of my favorite games of all time, not just of 2010.

  • Mordin man, Mordin. I love the universe Bioware's made, and the fanaticism it inspires in even my least nerdy of friends reminds me of the level of investment people had in Star Wars before Lucas shit all over it.

  • An outlier amongst the other mainly story based experiences, Picross is an incredibly pure game. Chiseling out a shape using only logical deduction is incredibly satisfying, and there's an astonishing amount of content here.

  • I haven't finished this game. I don't need to to put it on this list. I've put 30 hours into the game and I know I've only scratched the surface. Technical problems drag it down somewhat, but otherwise it's an improvement over Fallout 3 in every way.

  • I didn't fall in love with Assbro quite as much as I did with AC2, but it was still a sublime experience. That said, I'd like to see them shake things up again with AC3.

  • I had some significant problems with this game, but looking back on it the amount of fun I had with it easily out paces my issues with it. The set pieces were amazing, and the art direction was top notch. I just wish the framerate was a little higher.

  • This game would have been up much higher if it weren't for the ending. I felt like that was officially the point where it sold out. That said, the atmosphere was amazing, and as a huge fan of Stephen King and Twin Peaks, I really appreciated the nods to both that Remedy put in.

  • Another one that would have been higher if I didn't feel cheated by the story. Still an incredibly atmospheric game, though, and a huge technical accomplishment.

  • I'm not a big Halo fan. What changed my mind? Jetpacks, and the fact that Bungie has finally put out a well paced campaign. I'm still playing this one online, even over BLOPs.

  • This game is dumb. So dumb. But in all the right ways. You know what I'm talking about. You're grinning right now, just thinking about it. You're thinking about booting it up, just for a few minutes, aren't you? I knew it. Yes I did.