Comic Book Video Games I Want To See: Moon Knight

Hey, here's an article I put up today at Comic Vine. As you know, talk in the Whiskey Media office mainly consists of video games, comics, movies and tech. That gave me an idea. My outline is a little rough and vague in some areas (I didn't want to delve too far into the various side characters and their interactions). Perhaps it could be split into two separate 'games' but for $60 a game, why not shoot for as much gameplay as possible.

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Yesterday in the Comic Vine office, the idea of adapting a comic book character into a video game came up briefly. Obviously I like comics and I started out playing video games on the Atari 2600. I used to spend so much time playing video games but my time is spread pretty thin these days.  
I started thinking, instead of an "Off My Mind," what would I want in a Moon Knight video game? He has appeared in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows but what could a solo game with him be like?

Level 1 

The first level would have you play as Marc Spector, the mercenary. While working for the evil terrorist, Raol Bushman, you would determine how your character develops later in the game. I would see this as a brief level mainly focused on getting used to the gameplay while giving the player experience with guns and completing a mercenary mission of your choice. Depending on which you chose would determine how adapt you become later in the game.  

Level 2 

You would stand up against Bushman and race to save the life of the damsel in distress, Marlene Alraune. After a fight against Bushman (in which you barely survive), you must race through a labyrinth inside the tomb of Khonshu. If you can make it before your life meter runs out, you're on your way to becoming the Moon Knight. 
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Level 3 

As Moon Knight, the game switches to a series of 'superhero' missions. In order to successfully complete your nighttime missions, you'll have to go through mini-missions as each of Moon Knight's other personas: billionaire Steven Grant and cabdriver Jake Lockley. These side missions will allow you to gain the intel needed to complete the tasks Moon Knight must face and earning you bonuses such as upgraded weapons and vehicles. 

Level 4 

This is where you have to go up against some of Moon Knight's costumes villains such as Jester,Werewolf By NightScarecrow and Killer Shrike

Level 5 

This would be based on the Charlie Huston run where you prepare to take on Bushman for the final time (will you defeat Bushman and deliver him to the authorities or would you go all out and slice off his face with a crescent dart? I don't know if we'd want to see Moon Knight breaking both legs and having to go through stages of rebuilding your strength but I think we'd definitely need a final round against Taskmaster

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Level 6 

Depending on how ambitious this game could be, it'd be great to see a Civil War level. You could even veer from the comics and allow you to choose a side. Do you want to fight for or against the Superhuman Registration Act? This would allow you to fight against existing heroes such as the Fantastic FourCaptain America,Spider-Man or Iron Man

Level 7 

As we approach the end of the game, perhaps we could delve into Norman Osborn's Dark Reign and Moon Knight becoming seen as an outlaw. Your actions could determine where you character ends up, in complete madness or on your way back from the dark pits of Moon Knight's mind.  
As this inner battle develops, perhaps the final stage could be you against Khonshu. Will you succumb to the Spirit of Vengeance's dark influence or will you be able to rebuild yourself to become a hero once again (and re-win the heart of your girlfriend Marlene)? 
Maybe the ending would need a little work here but we'd want to leave room for a sequel, right? How far off am I? Would this outline make an appealing video game experience?