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Prototype unbias review 0

4 1/2 out of 5 starsPrototype gives you power like never before. Incredible amount of freedom, combos, and non-stop fun gameplay gives this summer action game a high recommendation.the good-*the number of upgrades you can get will have you playing for hours trying to get them all.*multiple shapes you can turn yourself into, and they come with a laundry list of upgrades.*The campaign, while shorter than I expected, gives you plenty to do after the game is beat.*Alex is brilliantly animated.*There...

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Dead Space unbias review 0

4 1/2 out of 5 starsIts terrifyingly violent, deliciously gory, and ultimately worth the 9-12 hours (pending on one's skill level-took me ten hours on normal) spent dismembering former human limbs.the good-*scerenely beautiful-lighting, shadowing, and textures are pitched wonderfully.*large scale memorable boss fights that will give you chills when you see them (especially when the last boss fight comes)*story draws you in and never lets up*isolates you almost immediatley, triggering the heavy s...

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Halo Wars unbias review 0

5/5 stars while those looking for some hardcore PC like console RTS should look elsewhere, for those like me who are Halo fans but dont get to play a lot of RTS games because of console's limited control scheme, look no further because Ensemble may have just mastered it.the good-*stays well within the Halo universe and is a well earned entry in the series*the best control scheme on a console RTS to date*graphics are highly detailed and beautiful*skirmish for those loners and multiplayer for Halo...

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Left 4 Dead unbias review 0

4/5 starsLeft 4 Dead offers some incredibly creative ideas and executes them well, but the problems with it are minor and can be forgotten once your knee deep in shotgun shells and zombie bodies.the good-*enemy AI is phenomenal*friendly is acceptable*takes everything a step further in cooperative gameplay*sound effects are immersive*in-game commentary is really unique and interesting*the way the music lets you know whats about to happen is really cool *a neat system where you can play idle, (hav...

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Call Of Duty World At War unbias review 1

5/5 starsCall Of Duty World At War returns to WWII better then ever, buckets of blood and gore, and enough replay value for years to comethe good-*storyline is more emotional than Modern Warfare*Nazi Zombies is just..........pure Godly awesomeness*perks, weapons, classes, XP levels,prestiges all have been added for those golden crosses finished with Modern Warfare*Team killers get only to kill two players before automatic booting-finally!*Like the smell of burning WWII enemies?-get the flamethro...

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Gears Of War 2 unbias review 0

4 1/2/5 starsGears Of  War 2 will sell well for a reasonthe good-*really awesome graphics improves upon the already groundbreaking graphics of the original*gory finishing kills are a guilty pleasure*story is darker than original*water-effects are Metal Gear Solid 4 good (if not better)*weapons are all-new and more satisfying*Horde mode is revolutionary*co-op is fully playable offline and online, with drop-in and drop-out support- independent difficulty levels are a good idea*stays true to origin...

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Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway unbias review 0

Brothers In Arms plays like a WWII Rainbow Six Vegas (but with a lot more squads at your control) and if your into that then by all means this wont disappoint, with only a few errors that are minorthe good-*nicely vibrant enviorments that are easy on the eyes*gruesome slow-motion headshots, and group grenade kills are all-too satisfying*nice story to the game*great voice acting sells the storyline*enemies and allies are intelligent while not being overpowerful or cheap*its fun to control all the...

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Star Wars The force Unleashed unbias review 1

4 1/2/5 starsThe game combine awesome and mind-blowing combat mechanics into such a great story that it could have been a full-feature length moviethe good-*Story is worth 60$ alone*Really awesome moves will have you astonished*psychics engine is beautiful*talented believable voice preformances*plenty of replay value*enviorments are great, and to behold them is amazing*you can punt Jawasthe bad-*some repetetive areas*experienced some bugs that might hamper enjoyment briefly*no multiplayer is dis...

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Wanted Weapons Of Fate unbias review 0

2 1/2/5 starsWanted weapons Of Fate has some really cool moments, but those cool moments get beat down by lack of replay value and a VERY short campaign. dont pay 60$ +TAX, just rent it play it for a night get some gamerscore and return it, (I got my rental for free, its called rewards members hahahahahaha)the good-*bullet-curving is really cool especially when the camera follows the bullet*acceptable story  that does fans of the comic book or fiilm justice*the suit Wesley gets at the end is coo...

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Grand Theft Auto IV 0

5/5 starsthe story is one of the most compelling Ive seen, the downlodable content is way under priced for the amount of  extras Rockstar gives you, the combat is extremely fun, gigantic city to explore, there are almost too many ways to get around. I could go on and on...........the good-*story is amazing*combat is fresh while still being Grand Theft Auto*helicopters, taxi's, cars, motorcycles, boats-need I say more?*There are so many things to dothe bad-*driving across city can take forever an...

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 0

4/5 starsWhile anyone who disliked the first Vegas arent going to change their mind, for everyone else who wants to explore the rest of that story which ended badly last time, while having a lot of fun with new weapons and features, look no futher.the good-*co-op has been revamped for the better*new progression system is great and adds a ton of replay value-available online and offline*new weapons are a fine fit and satisfying to shoot-sound effects are top notch*sprinting speeds everything up*a...

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