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Things I like: ridiculous braggadocio in rap music, eloquent pro-wrestlers, the Doom shotgun, coming out of retirement for ONE LAST MISSION, cops on the edge, Rocket Jockey, 80's action movies, Dan Hibiki, Street Fighter (the real one with Van Damme), The Hypnotoad

Things I don't like: escort missions, turn-based combat, Martin Short, oranges, Nirvana (the band not the place), action movies after The Matrix, racing games not named Burnout, games attempting to emulate a task I can do in real life, allegiance to one multi-national conglomerate over another, Taco Bell burritos

I am 25 but I feel 80. I'm set in my ways, I complain about things no one my age should complain about, and I have a lawn upon which children do not sit.