Best of 2016

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  • The Witness was a special game for me. I was feeling down on my luck and something about it was inspiring to me. I had a bad year in my life, but video games are what I am most passionate about. This game was a pleasure to play through.

  • I can't have a Forza game not make a top ten every year apparently. Yet again they made another fantastic game.

  • I knew I would love Civilization. But it's still nice to have updated visuals and new ways to play. This version has led me to trying out all the civs, not just the few I think appeal to me.


  • Overwatch is a nice, diverse, interesting cast and just pretty fun. I find it refreshing.

  • Awesome game, awesome multiplayer. I loved the first one, and it was sad to see this game not sell or be played as much. There isn't a shooter that has refined control more then Titanfall 2. It's also just sooooo much fun!!

  • This one, well I think I liked it a lot. I never feel particularly interested in phone games, but I enjoyed the balance and strategy. I only have two games on my phone, one is The Room, the other is this. What can I say? I think it's really well done! And most importantly, it's a fun game.

  • Battlefield 1 had my favorite campaign of the year. World War 1 is unexplored and often forgotten. But it was a miserable pile of shit war and it happened in MODERN TIMES. It's an amazing looking game with interesting stories, and I think if you are going to make a game about a dreadful event in history, this is the most tasteful way to do it.

  • Ah Gears, my go to for all my friends on Xbox Live over the years. One of them sadly wouldn't be with us anymore after passing away. But we still care about each other and our single game from the beginning was Gears of War. All these years later we still play Gears online multiplayer because we have fun and great memories together. Gears of War 4 is a great game.

  • I'm putting this at 10 because this season was fantastic and this game never gets talked about enough. It never comes up in conversation. It's the most brilliant fighting game currently available. It's insanely balanced, the character designs and moves are brilliant, the stages and music are some of my favorite. Hands down this is the most underrated great game of this generation of consoles. This season went above and beyond, proving that there are geniuses out there willing to listen to fans and embrace fan service. No, fan service isn't a dirty word.

    Amazing game.