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Favorite Racers

These are my favorite racers. Now with 100% more EVER!

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  • I wish more racer today would try this style of open world racer. It's the first really good MMO-style racer. Maybe no MMO, but you know, lack of a better term. It's fantastic though. I put a whole lot of time into this one and enjoyed every minute.

  • I decided to add this over 3 because I feel it's the best in the series. I can't say enough good things about it. I can say that this game had a terrible release. It's a shame this will be the last Bizarre Creations version of the series. The weather is awesome and the new cities just work well. I think the critics were too hard on it and if you missed it, you missed out.

  • Close enough to a racer for me to include it. Just a cool game!

  • Why not add it. This one was great too!

  • I think what I enjoyed most about this game is how cool the weather effects were. It could be a relaxing time. And it could be a crazy insane time. It's biggest flaw was the very minute amount of tracks. Never a sequel....with this model.....classic Nintendo. Always making 100 sequels to Pokemon and never taking advantage of the real good stuff.

  • I was probably better worldwide at this game then any other before and since. Ranked 70-ish in the world! Just about the best arcade racer to ever not be in an arcade. I consider it the pinnacle of the franchise. So good that I bought it for the Xbox and the 360. I don't recall doing that for any other game...

  • I wrote a review that says it all. Best sim racer on the planet!

  • If or when I ever make a list of the hardest games ever made, this one goes ahead of Ninja Gaiden and Call of Duty 4 on Veteran. But, the most rewarding part of it is unlocking the secret arcade tracks. Yes, I managed to unlock everything in the game, it's very rewarding!

  • This game is the most complete OutRun. I think it's the best one ever made personally. Lots of fun to be had even though it's so simple and dumb proof.

  • Very underrated water racer. I think if you don't have a Nintendo console this is still the way to go. It's been years since it was released and nothing has done it better. It also has great track design, variety, and a big selection of tracks. Not a bad soundtrack either!

  • This is the best rally racer ever made. It's flawless. Between the stunning vistas and excellent track design nothing really has come close. While Codemasters always builds games that don't handle quite right, this game really pushed the limits of what could be done and I'm still waiting for anyone to come close.

  • The best motorcycle racer ever. I have a lot of "best evers" on my list but I really mean it. This game is hardcore. It's not for first timers. It has the highest learning curve of any racer out there right now. Track design is great. I feel like this might be the standard for the sub-genre for a long time. You can't take it much further then this. It definitely wasn't a big enough step up from 06 but it was cleaned up a lot.