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#1 Posted by Gogo1317 (32 posts) -

Sorry i've been gone for a month or so, I've not had a computer until just tonight and figured i'd drop a line in and see if anyone is still kick'n in the forum.

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@hexx462: Alpha and Omega is kinda like Mad max meets fallout with gene splicing.
I know sounds kinda odd but looks neat, But that sounds cool. I guess we'll start up a Shadowrun game sometime.
I think i'll make a Troll...
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i've been getting pretty obsessed latley about Splunky and Cortex command, two awsome Indie games developed by people with 
major love for games and it's people.
As soon as I make my way back home i think i'll donate some money to both parties to help them keep on making games.
It will make them happy because they get to keep doing a job that they love and it'll make me happy cause I get to support them
and get more content for games I love.

 Awww, and the Idol was right there!
 Awww, and the Idol was right there!

 Thats right, Just stand there, Don't pay attention to the noise behind you.
 Thats right, Just stand there, Don't pay attention to the noise behind you.
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@Scalptre: Actually I planned on posting it online when i'm done with the playtesting and finishing up the artwork.
Whats good about it is that the rules are easy to understand even if you have no P&P game experiance so its easy to jump into, And i have enough skills and feats so it should keep it interesting enough to long time P&P players as well. It's actually really hard balancing a game like this, Takes more time than i thought haha.
But i have every rave used in Mass effect as a player race even Hanar and Elcor. 
My personal two favorites are Elcor and Krogan.
i even added melee classes and blast armor so you can take some bullets and keep on truck'n, So being a melee fighter is still viable if you so choose.
plus the Biotic and Tech powers are still there, and some other ones that i made from scratch like Implosion, and Addrinalin sap.
All in all its turning into a robust ruleset and i'm hoping it goes over well with everyone who wants to try it.
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@hexx462: Right on, Same here. We play D&D some of the time but other times we play Time fellons, And in a few weeks we're starting up a Shadowrun or Alpha and Omega game.
Actually, What one do you think sounds better for the time being Shadowrun or Alpha and Omega?
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#6 Edited by Gogo1317 (32 posts) -
@melcene: I've met people with your same problem, It's the allure of graphical entertainment.
Video games are fun don't get me wrong on that, i still play a lot of those, But a pen and paper game offers a different style experiance that is never the same twice,
One time when i was about 14 my brother and his friends were playing a Star wars P&P game I joined in, i was an ewok Brawler ( A basic melee class.)
One of my brothers friends was a wookie Brawler and we were chilling at a pub waiting for a bounty head to walk in.
One thing led to another and my Wookie buddy started raging all over the bartenders face, That stuff tends to happen when you deny a Wookie his drink i guess.
And during the proceeding bar fight My friend had the bartender in a headlock with one arm for the whole fight, Whilst he proceeded to beat the tar out of thugs with his
Titanium pole. i was hiding under tables and slitting peoples heels.  That was an interesting encounter.
When my group and I play they get into bar fights but it never turned out this way ever again, My point being this. i understand the love of graphics and visual stumulation but a pen and paper game can be a great rewarding experiance to get. Not only will you come up with some of the most obsurd tactics ever devised and have them work, (something you can't do in Video games) But you also get to spend some good time with Friends or even Family without a consol or PC being in the middle. But as i've stated before, It's not everyones cup of tea.
oh yah I forgot, The bartender he had in a headlock. He can't walk anymore.
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#7 Edited by Gogo1317 (32 posts) -
@___pocalypse: Glad to hear it, I've been Playing pen and paper games over the past 13 or so years, and i've been DMing for going on six.
The only downside i can see to pen and paper gaming is for the DM the books can be costly.
Our group for D&D has people that are into all sorts of games and we play some simmilar games as well. Monster hunter being one of the ones we played
And it's good for a DM to set up combat thats stimulating as well as puzzles to help counterbalance the game, So good on your friend.
It's still encouraging to see people enjoying P&P games, Also if your friend is using D&D have her check out Pathfinder its an awesome ruleset based on traditional D&D rules with improvements in the stats and skill distribution section, Along with some wicked cool artwork.

 Stop right there stranger! Pay the road tax, That'll be one left shoe. And don't forget the sock.
 Stop right there stranger! Pay the road tax, That'll be one left shoe. And don't forget the sock.
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#8 Posted by Gogo1317 (32 posts) -

Pen and papre games are much more depthy than any video game in existance, There is no argument against that.
But as I stated before its more something you have to try to see if you like it,
And its not really everyones forte.
For example since i am the DM for all of our games, I allow players to do pretty much anything even if there isn't a rolling table for something.
i'll make one that suits the situation.
we've been playing for years and had fun every day we game. 
Not only playing books that we buy but we also make up rulesets and game with them. A few years back me and a few friends made a Final Fantasy pen and paper game that was based on FFIX, We had an AP system set up and everything it worked out pretty well.
That and we play time fellons. Thats a strange game but beyond fun.
Thats the only game I know where you can have Big boss, Abe lincoln, And Optimus prime duke it out.

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#9 Posted by Gogo1317 (32 posts) -

 Your head explodes from the Giants pelvic thrust, You are dead...Well time to roll another character.
 Your head explodes from the Giants pelvic thrust, You are dead...Well time to roll another character.
It's a pastime that has been around for many many years, Pen and paper gaming is still popular in the community of gaming but
most "Gamers" only play the Video games as a standerd and forget the grand pappy of all gaming experiances started
with a few friends a table and a bag of dice.
I myself have been gaming Pen and paper along with Video games, My whole life.
The topic i choose is Pen and paper gaming and those who support it.
i've seen people who have never heard of Dungeons and Dragons come over to play with a few friends of mine, And by the time the night was over they came over every gaming day since. Hell more often than not we game 2-3 days a week because we get so into the game.
I play D&D,Pathfinder (Pretty much D&D with a way better ruleset.),Shadowrun,Anima,Alpha and Omega,And I dabble in Warhammer.
So i'm looking for anyone who likes to sit down with some friends and a few two liters of soda or whatever drink you choose and pull some all nighters with some books and dice. 
I've also been working on an unofficial Ruleset for a Mass effect Pen and paper game, I'm making a normal set and a midevil set with all of the mass effect races and whatnot, Doing a whole bunch'ca artwork for it too.
Dosn't need to be a topic of the post but i think its cool so I felt like posting it.
Anyway without dragging it on forever and a half feel free to join in the convo, i assume most people will look over this and leave but I hope someone will think it's interesting.

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Seymore from Final fantasy X 

 My hair is sad...
 My hair is sad...
Mages as a general whole, should have robes. But keeping the same old robes forever is boring as hell so i see what they were trying to go for by making
a new style of magy robes. sadly for them they ended up making a character that looks like a male Geisha with very very sad mickey mouse hair.
I mean look at his waist, His belt looks like a backwards obi.
i get him looking like a female because he was supposed to be a pretty boy and we all know there are a lot of them in final fantasy history.
its a popular thing in Japan. So thats not the horrible part, They also tried to make him a threataning antagonist. And that was just laughable, i never once took him as a serious threat.
I also can't tell if those marking on his face are hair or veins or maybe even scarring, But scars in such a shape are unheard of. unless someone make a bladed mold of
that spacific symbol then punched him in the head with it. I suppose that would explaine it.
i think the only part that I like from this entire picture is his staff, I think mages should have very decorative staves, it adds to the mage like quality of a character.
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