Aids and garage door in Pearland TX

The installation of garage door, does not allow to benefit from tax credit or aid (eco-premiums, eco-PTZ) The purchase and installation of a garage door, can allow you to benefit from a reduced rate of VAT.

No tax credit is provided to amortize the installation of a garage door however, it is possible to benefit from a rate of VAT at 10% (intermediate rate) instead of 20% (normal rate) for your garage door installation work. In addition, grants from local authorities may be granted to make the garage more accessible, if you have difficulties to move because of a disability or because of your age. The help price guide and garage door will inform you about all the grants and subsidies you can claim.

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Aids and garage door: a 10% intermediate VAT rate

Currently, three VAT rates are applicable for building work, including the installation and replacement of garage doors. The standard VAT rate set at 20%. A 10% intermediate VAT rate for home improvement work. And, finally, a VAT rate of 5.5% for home energy renovation work, excluding garage door changes.

On the other hand, if the renovation of the closing of your garage, carried out by a pro, intervenes in a house built for more than two years, the rate of intermediate VAT of 10% applies. This may be your main residence or your second home. You benefit from this tax benefit, regardless of your income and you are owner occupant, landlord or tenant or even simple occupant for free. The intermediate rate also benefits the replacement of the garage door collective building, if it is a building wholly or mainly intended for habitation. This favorable taxation is combined with possible aid to improve the accessibility of the garage, thanks to the installation of a motorized closing system.

The cost of labor and materials supplied by the craftsman benefit from the rate of 10%. On the other hand, if you buy your own garage door , the VAT rate of 20% applies to the cost of the door intended to close the garage. Similarly, if you have a new house with a garage built, the normal tax rate applies to the installation and the materials. We are Providing Best garage door service Pearland.

Aids and garage door: steps to benefit from VAT at 10%

To benefit from the reduced VAT rate of 10% on the installation or replacement of the garage door , it is necessary to provide the undertaking carrying out the work with a certificate, at the latest at the time of invoicing. You must keep this certificate and the invoice for the work until the end of the fifth year following the change of the garage door . In the event of a check, if you do not have proof or if it is wrong, you will have to pay the difference between VAT at 10% and VAT at 20%.

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For a change of the closing system of the garage , a simplified declaration is enough. It is available on the website, under the number Cerfa 13 948 * 5. Note that the reduced VAT does not apply if you do structural work , at the same time as changing the garage door . Similarly, the VAT relief will not apply if, during the last two years, you have carried out a renovation involving at least 5 lots of the following 6 finishing lots: exterior frames, floors not determining the resistance or rigidity of the structure, sanitary and plumbing installations, interior partitions, heating system, electrical installations.

Aids and garage door: local help to make the garage accessible

New detached houses intended to be sold, leased or made available must comply with accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility, including for the garage . The same is true for apartment buildings. In old houses and old buildings, there is no obligation to work to make common areas and especially parking spaces more accessible. The only exception is a collective dwelling in which work is undertaken, for a cost equivalent to at least 80% of its value.

But apart from any obligation, if you have trouble moving around, changing a manual garage door to a motorized garage door brings real comfort. To lighten your bill , local authorities pay subsidies. Thus, a disability compensation benefit (PCH) can be allocated by your department. To find out about all the local help to which you are entitled to make your garage more accessible , you must therefore contact each level (town hall, general council, regional council). Indeed, there are no predefined rules. Everything will depend on your place of residence and your financial situation.

Aids and garage door: other ways to finance your garage door

The Anah (National Agency for Home Improvement) is likely to help you change your garage door and make it more accessible, if you have a disability or if you are a senior. On its website,, this agency advises to contact a service renovation info point. The coordinates of the point closest to your home are also available on the agency website. If your travel difficulties requiring a more functional garage door are a consequence of your age, you can also apply for your supplementary pension fund.

Finally, banks do not gnat a zero interest Eco-loan to finance a new garage door . On the other hand, they issue conventional credits for this type of renovation. Of course, everything depends on your creditworthiness. If you buy your new garage door at a big DIY store, a payment in several installments is sometimes offered.

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