How to change a lock quickly and efficiently?

Important element on which rests the security of a professional place or a house, the lock must be changed at the slightest sign of failure. There are two options for changing a lock: hire a professional and pay a little more money or do it yourself and save the cost of labor. Discover how to change a lock, safely.

When should I change my lock?

It is necessary to proceed without delay to the change of lock, if, following an attempted break-in, the Utah locksmith, still in place, shows signs of failure. The lock is no longer effective enough to ensure the safety of occupants or property, while the role of the lock is to lock a door to shelter property or people. The change of lock seems obvious, following the loss of a key that can not be duplicated for security reasons. This is the case when the lock is supplied with codes. It is also possible to change the lock when renovating the closing system of a business premises or a dwelling. Indeed, to afford a high level of security, we can opt for a range of locks more efficient than those already laid. In that case,

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The criteria to consider before changing the lock

It is important to consider some criteria that will affect the amount of work, before proceeding to the change of lock. Those are :


  • · the budget for the purchase of the lock,
  • · the budget for the labor,
  • · the work underlying the lock change.

Choosing the same model as the old lock, or a model with the same characteristics, has a number of advantages: it is useful when you do not want to do other preparatory work. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the compatibility of the dimensions of the new lock with the old location. Opting for a powerful model, certainly offers a level of security, but it can generate additional costs, other than the purchase of the lock. To change from a single-point lock to a multi-point recessed lock, it is necessary to provide at best additional work, and at worst, to change the door itself.

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When to go to a craftsman-locksmith and when to do it yourself?

With handyman talent, anyone skilled in his hands, patient enough and willing to take the challenge, can change a lock, provided that the model to be replaced and the new lock are among the basic models. Indeed, some models of locks are so easy to deposit and put that adequate tools and a basic knowledge of DIY are enough. In general, these are lock models used to lock communication doors inside a home or business premises. Other models, offering a high level of security, are quite complex and require the dexterity and know-how of a craftsman-locksmith. In this case, it is better to use a professional, to ensure that the lock change is done in compliance with the rules of art. Engaging a professional locksmith for repairing your lock costs around 100 euros. This price can go up or down depending on the type of lock or the problem.

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