How to loosen a lock?

When the lock on your door is blocked, it can give you a hard time to unlock it. In principle, a locksmith is better suited to give you a hand. Finding the right auto locksmith Greeley CO demands to be rigorous. But if you have skilled hands, you can do it by applying some tips. Here's how to loosen a lock !

  • · Use a bank card with a spring
  • · Use a screwdriver
  • · Crochet his lock

Use a bank card with a spring

As you could not imagine, your credit card can help you get out of trouble when your lock gets stuck . To do this, you must use a credit card which you can do without. Simply push the card between the latch and the door frame while squeezing it against the frame. Then force the lock back into the door by folding your card back. Sometimes the space between the lock and the frame may be non-existent.

In this case, push your card over the lock between the frame and the door. Then slide it down quickly and leaning it slightly towards the frame. To succeed in this operation, it is better to opt for a solid and thick bank card. This method is valid for a spring lock.

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Use a screwdriver

This method of loosening a lock is effective when your interior door closes with a push of a button at the handle. If your lock is stuck, try to find a small hole on the handle. Use a screwdriver and push it into the hole. The key is to use a fine tool. A trombone or a fairly fine knife may also be suitable. Then push your screwdriver as far as possible. Turn it in all directions. You must feel that your screwdriver is entering a slot. After that, your door will unlock automatically.

Crochet your lock

This method requires a little more concentration on your part to loosen a lock . To achieve it, you must have an Allen key. Insert the end of an Allen key into the lower part of your lock and turn it in the direction that you would normally turn your key. Keep the pressure as much as possible and hook your lock with an unfolded paper clip. There are two ways to pick your lock.

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For the first, insert the trombone in the lower part of the hole and move it up by making a movement to bring it back to you. At the same time, always hold the pressure with your allen wrench and make circular motions by increasing the pressure. Your door will open after a few minutes.

The second method is to maintain the pressure with the Allen key and push the trombone slowly. Your trombone should come into contact with an ankle. From the first contact, catch it on the hollow and lift it to put it back in place. Perform the same operation for the other dowels. Your door will open next.

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