How to open a keyless door when the lock hangs

There are several causes that are causing a lock to hang. But the main reason is the malfunction of the barrel. This mechanical element is essential to the proper functioning of the lock.

If this piece is of lower quality, it is quite possible that the lock does not take long. Mishandling can also damage a lock.

It is also possible that a lock gets stuck due to damage caused by the freezing winter. However, in summer, it happens that your door simply blocks due to a strong heat.

Open a lock without a key? With a credit card

The lock is a necessary device to ensure a good peace of mind at home. But when the barrel is jammed, it becomes difficult, almost impossible to open the door.

Nevertheless, there are always good techniques to your problem, just have the right tools. The use of a credit card is an excellent solution if it is a spring lock. You will need a solid card and laminated.

Make sure the card enters between the latch and the door frame. Fold it back so the latch goes back into the door and opens it. If the gap between the frame and the latch is too small, push the card between the frame above the lock and the frame, then slide the card quickly down to open the door.

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On Tacoma Washington? Do not pass a locksmith

Since lock collapses often come at an unexpected time, it is not always easy to find solutions momentarily.

If, however, you can open your door with these alternatives listed above, and you want to replace your lock, we can help you. Indeed, we are a car locksmith Tacoma team and we operate in Tacoma Washington. We can intervene on free quote. If you are stuck in your house or if you can not get in because of a lock failure, do not hesitate to call our service. We offer quality services and a professional team. We do door shielding, troubleshooting and many other services. We also intervene urgently in less than 30 minutes. Our craftsmen guarantee you tailor-made work.

Remove the hinges to open a keyless lock

If your door is blocked and you do not know what to do, you can remove the hinges with a flat screwdriver. Here's how to proceed:

  • · Take a standard flat screwdriver
  • · Push it into the gap between the bottom hinge and the ankle
  • · Using a hammer, tap the screwdriver down
  • · You can remove the head of the ankle when it is sufficiently separated from the hinge.

Open a lock when it turns in the void

This is not a good sign when your key begins to turn in a vacuum. This incident can occur for many reasons. It could be a problem of internal mechanism or obsolescence, the cylinder, a problem of alignment between the bolt and the waste.

If the problem persists, it is possible that the mechanism connecting the cylinder to the bolt is defective or damaged. Putting on a releasing agent or lubricant proves effective solutions for these small inconveniences. However, it is always recommended to examine the keys to better understand the reasons for the incident.

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Lubricate the lock that turns in the vacuum

If you are stuck in a room with a lock that turns in a vacuum, unless you are going to replace it, use a lubricant. If you find yourself in this situation, use the oil you might find in the room.

However, it is not very effective because it will trap the lock even more, once dried. A lubricant without grease is the most suitable. For this, opt for lubricant such as graphite powder, a stroke of pear enough to water the entire internal mechanism.

Examine the keys

If you are stuck in a room, with a lock that turns in a vacuum, check your key. The latter could be crooked or broken teeth. The best alternative is to put the key back flat. To do this, use a pair of pliers.

Pinch the broken teeth with enough pressure so that they fold back to the opposite side to flatten them. However, remember to replace your key as soon as possible.

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