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Cylinder Fichet 787 Z : Security cylinder of very good quality, to withstand attempts to open by, picking handling, drilling, sawing, or tearing.

Alexandre Fichet, locksmith of the crown created the company Fichet in 1825. He is at the origin of numerous patents in protection of the buildings. It merged with the Bauche house (founded by Auguste Nicolas Bauche) on 1 July 1967. The international locksmith joined the ASSA-ABLOY group in 1999. Initially, Alexandre Fichet built his manufacturing plant in Ust- Marest. This is where Fichet brand locks are made today. Among other things, it manufactures 787 Z , F3D cylinders , Alicea , P rim lock , Vertipoint and Fortissime safety locks .

Replacing a Fichet 787 z cylinder set is possible if you follow the instructions carefully.

To replace a Fichet cylinder set you must first and foremost be extremely thorough and not burn the steps.

  • remove the screws from the caches-rods
  • unscrew the exposed screws on the mechanism and on the rabbet (lock side)
  • remove the lock mechanism Fichet
  • remove the two screws from the outer cylinder
  • install the new Fichet 787 Z outer barrel
  • unscrew the screws from the rosette on the inner cylinder
  • install and screw the new Fichet inner cylinder
  • screw or refix the rosette
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repeat the initial maneuver for dismantling the Fichet lock (replace all the screws as originally

You have finally replaced your cylinder set Fichet 787 Z (test the correct operation of the key with the door open)

Replace a Fichet lock cylinder: only try if you are a do-it-yourselfer locks and mechanisms are very complex in nature, so do not attempt cylinder replacement if you can not feel it. For the change of a lock cylinder Fichet in Loveland Colorado it is better to call the company Loveland Colorado .

I have absolutely no notions of locksmith, should I try to replace my Fichet lock in Loveland Colorado?

Change of lock cylinder Fichet Loveland Colorado by Loveland Colorado

For a change of lock Fichet in Loveland Colorado 17 , it is better to call a professional locksmith in the 92. Moreover, through a craftsman locksmith near Loveland CO in Loveland CO rather than the parent Fichet. You will have the choice of laying an adaptable that costs a lot less.

Replacement of cylinder or lock Fichet in Loveland Colorado (92200)

As soon as you request a replacement for a Fichet cylinder or lock made with Loveland Colorado 4. We will work to evaluate the best solution at the best price. Indeed, troubleshooting a Fichet lock in Loveland Colorado is the type of expensive work if the complete mechanism is to replace due to a test by a non-expert in locksmith troubleshooting. In addition, we intervened at 51 rue Perronet 92200 Loveland Colorado while a neighbor said he was able to change a cylinder Fichet . As a result he broke the entire mechanism and we had to change the Fichet lock completely.

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