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So that wasn't the result I expected or wanted to wake up to but man it's going to be a crazy time. I think it's disgusting that a few hours after the result Farage goes on TV and distances himself from the £350 million NHS leave campaign promise saying it was a mistake to make those claims.

Cameron resigning as this happens is kind of a dick move, I don't like him but when there's so much uncertainty about the future of the country it's not the time to step down. A possible Labor leadership battle too.

I just looked at the break down of votes on the BBC website and I think the Ireland situation is rather worrying and Scotland should probably get a second vote on their independence, just maybe don't use the pound as the currency now...

I hope this works out well for all of the countries in the UK but also the EU as an organisation too. Just please not Borris for the next PM and let Farage just drift away into obscurity.

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Honestly the only time I've considered voting to leave was when my arsehole neighbour started playing Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, for an hour, full blast on repeat a few weeks ago. He's Polish so it's not like this was an unrelated moment of anger, other than that one time he's ok so I'm fine with him staying as he's only recently arrived.

As far as the campaigns go I think it's really quite interesting how the campaign to remain is basically one of fear while the leave campaign is all about hope. I'm really interested to see which way it goes later this week.

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I have a PS4, I thought about getting an xbox one briefly so I can play Gears and Saint's Row with one of my buddies but I just don't have the time for that and to play the games I already own on PS4. I bought several games last last year in sales and I'm yet to make a dent in them so another console would be too much.

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I'm excited to see this film, animation style aside. My worry with it is that the story won't hold up for me anymore, I loved The Dark Knight Returns as a comic but when I saw the animated version...hearing the dialogue spoken out loud made it seem just terrible when in the comic it worked for me.

I don't really know what I want from the DC animated films, I didn't like Justice League Doom because I think Tower of Babel is a great comic and they strayed too far from it. But I didn't like TDKR because it was too faithful and didn't do anything interesting.

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They Shoot Horses Don't They? by Horace McCoy - 5/5

This book was recommended to me so I went in not knowing what it was about or the basic plot, I certainly didn't expect it to be a book about a month long dance. I really enjoyed it, I was surprised at how a lot of the themes and plot points are still relevant today with regards to celebrities and reality TV especially seeing as it was written in the 1930s. I'd definitely recommend it to people, I read it in 2 sittings as it really hooked me and was hard to put down. I finished it last week and have thought about it quite a bit in the time since.

Before that I had just finished the Wool books, I don't really have a lot to say about them so I suppose that means I think they were ok but didn't stay with me. I don't know that I'd recommend them unless the person is really into dystopian sci-fi. I do think the opening of the first book was great as that's the only part that I keep thinking about.

I'm actually struggling with what to read next, I seem to go through periods of buying a lot of books on kindle and then not reading them. I did buy Go Set a Watchman a few days ago which is likely my next read but it's been a while since I read To Kill a Mockingbird that I might read that first. Or I'll read the Sandman books again.

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I just finished season 2, I'm echoing a lot of what has already been said but I felt a bit uncomfortable at times with the level of violence. It also felt like they tried to fit too much in to the season in having both Elektra's and Punisher's origins in there, maybe it's because I binged on a lack of sleep but did they ever explain who was doing all of the shootings and framing Frank? Or why? At first I assumed it was Fisk, because he wanted to start a war or was it his old war buddies? They also never explained why they all got into drugs, unless I zoned out, it seemed like Karen found out who was the head of the operation and that's that.

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Regime: Every morning either first thing or after a workout. Sometimes before bed if it's been a hot day and I've been sweating.

Hair care: I shampoo my beard but I'm bald up top.

Dark Showers: If I turn on my bathroom light it activates the extractor fan and I can't manually turn it off, so if I have a late shower it tends to be in the dark.

Brushing Teeth: Usually after the shower, never in it.

Shaving: Nope, I just trim it and I don't think my trimmer would work after being in a shower.

Dry Shampoo: I did once or twice when I had hair.

Lathering: I use shower gel.

Temperature: Depends on the time of year, in winter I like them very hot and in summer I like them cold.

Duration: Looooooooonnnnnnnnng, I love me a good shower.

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So I read through all of the advice left and I wanted to say thanks as I've just finished it.

It is possibly the weirdest "interview" I've ever done. Basically the e-mail inviting me to interview was worded like I'd be talking to someone over skype, however when I went ahead with it I essentially had to record short answers to 4 questions with my webcam and then I have to wait to hear back. It's a multiple stage interview from what I gather and the reason I had to do the online interview was because it's for an internet company so they want to make sure you can use basic amounts of technology. The strangest part for me was I had a window open and I've never really noticed how shiny my bald head really is.

Thanks for all of the advice though, seriously.

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Basically the topic title.

I've mostly worked in temp agency roles for a long while now so I rarely have to deal with the interview process other than when it's an important client or when registering with the agency in the first place. However recently I've decided to look for something more permanent and I've just received an e-mail inviting me to do a video interview, which is a completely new experience for me so I was wondering if anyone else has gone through these before and what I should expect.

Also what are good questions to ask at an interview? Because honestly other than the hours and the pay I generally don't care about the company or the role.

Any advice at all would be appreciated, thanks.

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@dudeglove: I think at the end of most of Attenborough's nature documentaries they have a little 5 minute bit about how they filmed it, the camera crews in each locations and the technical challenges they faced. I don't know if those parts are included in the international versions though.