Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

Wow remembering what games I played that came out this year and that were good was definitely a challenge. Played a lot of older and some newer games on PC this year and some new stuff on PS4. Games nowadays have issues sure, but if you allow yourself to look past the issues and have fun you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

List items

  • If you liked Far Cry 3 then 4 is a must get. I really enjoy the environment and the atmosphere the Far Cry series puts you in. Mountains everywhere, eagles swooping down to mess up your day. Building up your guy to become a wrecking machine ready for mayhem. Tourist sucked into a war and turns out to be great at killing? It could happen, right?!

  • Didn't think I would be into this type of game but after seeing the quick look decided to try and was pleasantly surprised. Being able to plan out your teams moves to clear out a building and hitting the go button and watch them take out the enemy is oh so good.

  • First play through 120 hours and planning on a nightmare play through. These type of games I always enjoy seeing everything I can my first time through. Thankfully this Dragon Age had more than a few dragons in it.

  • This game probably received more hate than it deserved. Game looks fine and I had an enjoyable time with it. I do believe they could have expanded some of the side missions with extra story or mechanics and more varied mission types. You can get the silenced pistol early on and once you do you can mop up most areas silently. It's all about how you want to approach the mission. If you want to go in guns blazing sure you can, but if you prefer the more silent approach using the cameras and the environment it's satisfying as well.

  • Never played a Sniper Elite before this one and now I own them all for some reason. Go Steam sales. A mixture of Hitman and Splinter Cell stealth made this very gratifying to play. Especially with the mortal combat style xray kill shots.

  • After playing many many hours of Tropico 4 I figured out that I enjoy being a dictator that has an issue with Llamas eating the whole island. Tropico 5 adds on to 4s mechanics but does take some things away. The addition of amassing an army to destroy the rebels is a nice touch.

  • Definitely not what I was expecting. It has an interesting story with an unexpected ending. Only way to understand it is to play it....or watch youtube.

  • This would actually be a lot lower, I mean a lot lower, on the list if I could think of anymore games that I played that could go in between. Bad climbing, bad crowd mechanics, horrible uninteresting main character, ugly graphics, hamstringed apps, horrible load times, whats to like? I did enjoy running around seeing Paris, one of the big draws for me to AC games. The murder mysteries were actually fun to complete and being able to play the coop missions with a friend was fun. The combat had a bit of love hate relationship with it. Made you think more of how to use your abilities and equipment better when dealing with more than a couple of enemies