Log Episode nr. 3 of Devil Survivor, Shin Megami Tensei

Ok here I am yet again, trying to give you some insight on what's happening on my Nintendo DS. I'm about to go cook my dinner so I probably won't take long.
Going through day 5 of this war in the Tokyo lockdown. Right now I must be at a good level to keep going because the free battles don't give me that much experience, I just do them to crack some skills, when available, and move on to the next 30 minute eating cutscence or battle.
Oh, I let Keisuke die. I didn't like him after he went insane over justice anyway, but I guess letting potential party members die isn't great. On the other hand I defeated Kudlak! Or was it Kresnik? Aw man I keep confusing their names. Anyway, I did it and I'm hoping to fuse them soon. They look like good allies to use in the near future, even if not end-game level demons.
Talking about fusing, Hecate already appears in my search, and I hear it's one bad motherfucker. It's some levels above my main character yet though so I need to wait a little longer. But it shows off some fancy skills.
I'm digging the story, I like how it shows many sides of human despair when under really tight situations, like when people get locked in with demons roaming around doing stuff. Guess they have their reasons to panick.

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I think

I will still take a while to finish this game, couple of days probably, since I also have some University exames to study to, but after this I'm starting to guess what should I play? I'm low on money and there are 3475023478959038475024 games I'd like to buy, especially for my shiny graphics console. That would be my Playstation 3. When (if) I have the opportunity I'd like to buy Fallout 3, preferably the edition with the DLC, perhaps Borderlands, and I'm a bit pumped to buy a JRPG because I simply have none on that platform. There are several choices, White Knight Chronicles sounds like an option that would satisfy my tastes, or perhaps Valkyria Chronicles. Well, the options are plenty, and clearly aren't the problem here.
I also had a save going for Parasite Eve before I picked Devil Survivor again, but I can't play home consoles during the week, because they're at home, and not with me where I'm currently living. But I was enjoying the game and I'll probably go back to it sooner or later, most probaby sooner than later.
On the DS the options are also plenty regarding which game to play next. I got a Soma Bringer save, actually really far into the game but I'm tired of grinding a lot and not really getting anywhere in it. I had a Kingdom Hearts save but I lost it and I won't be getting back to it so soon, it bored me. I'm eagerly waiting for Dragon Quest IX and I intend to play the three remakes, but I don't know if they're next game to be played material.
Another cool option would be Strange Journey but I guess I want to try slightly different things after just playing a SMT title. Etrian Oddyssey looks fun. Infinite Space, Zelda, Professor Layton, bla bla bla.
Untill next time FOLKS!