Cool video games for lonely bachelors

Video games can be a great source of entertainment. These are my recommended video games for a young man or female in his or her prime youth to enjoy.

List items

  • A great game about a lonely bachelor who has an imaginary friend because he too shares my pain of no friends.

  • A game that makes me sad knowing that even someone as lonely and hated as Naruto can also have friends. Everytime I see Sasuke I become upset because he has friends who love him but he does not love them back D:

  • The Midway powerhouse that paved the way for friendship. An incredible cast of unique individuals coupled with some of the most Shakespearean themes ever to be brought into video game history. Truly ahead of it's time.

  • A game that shocked many generations for years too come with it's incredulous amount of multiplayer combat. If only I had friends to play it with.

  • At first I thought this game was great but then I realized that I too share the similar shunned lifestyle that Shadow the Hedgehog chooses. If only I can make friends.

  • I feel for Hitman he had a hard life with no friends. At least he can kill those who make fun of him