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Gosukiller's Game of the Year 2010

Having finished Darksiders last week, I feel like I can finally decide on my Top 5 for game of the year.
It's hard to pick favorites amongst such heavy hitters, but here is my personal top 5:

1. Mass Effect 2 
 2010's Game of the Year.  When playing this in january, I already knew that not a single game was going to top the full package that was Mass Effect 2. New characters AND old characters (Garrus and Tali FTW), more locations, more dialogue and more action than it's predecessor, Mass Effect 2 was exactly what I hoped it would be: "Mass Effect, the second one".
Three word summary of what made this game part of this list: Third Person Chatbox

2. Super Street Fighter IV 
Not since Warcraft 3 and Battlefield 2 have I thought to myself: "I'm going to get good at this one". When Street Fighter 4, the not-super one, came out, I was peer pressured into buying an arcade stick. I went for the Mad Catz SE, which I then modded with Sanwa parts from Germany. Sadly, the arcade stick did not make me much better at the game and I only played it when my friend asked for some 1 on 1s. 
Then Super came out. I was going to give SSF4 the chance it deserved and dusted off my arcade stick. This was around the time I discovered that the GB forums were actually worth looking at (I've never been much of a forum person). When the PS3 community was hosting a 2 v 2 tournament I knew I just HAD to enter. Not expecting much from myself, I took the first teamless guy I saw and promptly won the tournament together with Ricetopher. This is when I finally acquired the taste. That and a new found source of frustration.

It's the GB community that made this game the runner-up for Game of the Year 2010.
Three word summary of what made this game part of this list: "Goddamnit. Fuck! YES!!!"
3. Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls was my most anticipated game of this year. Coming out in june 2010 in Europe, the wait was so intense that my expectations were sky-high. Regardless, Demon's Souls managed to deliver. Every battle felt like a boss fight. The boss fights themselves often seemed impossible, but were always overcome with effort.
Three word summary of what made this game part of this list: Zero Hand Holding.

4. Bayonetta
I can be brief about this one: I was late to the party called Bayonetta. And a party it was. Picking the game up at a budget price, I was very skeptical of this PS3 game. With the constant mumblings of bugs, frame drops and lock-ups, I had no desire to ever play this. I'm glad that I still did.  
Three word summary of what made this game part of this list: Hairy Gun Shoes.
5. Darksiders
Another game that I've played WAY outside of it's release window. It's gameplay is solid and reminds me of a bloody Twilight Princess. But the game-play wasn't what impressed me the most about this game, it was presentation. Not a single game this year comes close to the the brilliant voice-acting of stars like Mark Hamil, Phil LaMarr, Liam O'Brian and Troy "Get bent!" Baker.
Darksiders was a great story and 2012 will hopefully bring us a Darksiders 2.
Three word summary of what made this game part of this list: Bloody Talking Zelda.