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The Overflood of games, the Fatal 4-way and the (G)olden times.

Hey there peeps, Gosu here!
I felt like doing another blog, since I rarely use this feature on, which is a website about video games. I'll cover four topics here, meant for people that I interact with on the site, yet don't know very much about me. If you don't know me nor care to get to know me, stop reading here.

(G)olden Times

Ever since I've quit playing Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, I haven't been loyal to a single game. I've made the jump to Counterstrike: Source for a short while, but then was convinced by a friend, who was way into pro-gaming, to switch to Battlefield 2. This friend had a contract and sponsors and everything and, on the infantry-only mode, I could give him a run for his money. This got me on the reserve list for the Dutch National BF2 team. Played a few matches, but due to horrible organisation and the fact I was going to the University that year, I quit the team. I've been playing DotA and League of Legends since then, untill I bought a PS3.
This brings me to the second topic of this blog, my current situation.


I'm Dutch, Hollandian, or Netherlandish, whatever sounds best to you. The next part you will read has nothing to do with gaming, so skip it if you aren't interested in my personal life.

Since finishing high-school I have attended University in Rotterdam: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR for short). I've studied Dutch Law for 3 years and it got me my Bachelor Diploma. For my master's diploma I've chosen to follow Criminal Law. The courses went smoothly, but not everything did. My final paper, or Dissertation, whatever word you find suitable, is the hardest thing I've ever done. I've been busy with it for about 7 months now, while I didn't expect to have it last longer than 4.
Lesson to be learnt here is, if you have to do a dissertation in the near future, IS TO NOT FUCKING UNDERESTIMATE IT. Learn from my mistake. I moved to another house during the formentioned 7 months, which did not help me doing the work necessary for the final paper.  
Back to gaming! 
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The Overflood of games

The people who know me on these forums know that I like to play SSF4. This game takes alot of effort to actually get fun out of, so it consumes my time for other games. If you'd have told me 5 years ago my main game would be a 2d Fighting Game I'd laugh in your face, fart in your general direction and make several other Monty Python references. At that time I was a hardcore FPS and RTS player and had absolutely no interest in fighting games. Sure, I was pretty decent at Super Smash Brothers Melee, but that wasn't really a fighting game. My SNES SF2 and Killer Instict experience from more than 13 years ago didn't exactly count for much either.
Back to my original point: SSF4 takes up alot of gaming time. I have in my possesion such games as Killzone 2, Saint's Row 2, Demon's Souls (I'm on my first NG+) , Bayonetta, Dark Void, Bionic Commando and Brutal Legend. All these games deserve my attention, but won't be getting it in the forseeable future. That's a damn shame.
In about 2 days, I'll be getting started with the online section of Starcraft 2. This will be a turning point in my gaming: Choose between SSF4, Starcraft 2, or a combination of both. Remember, these games are known by the steep learning curve and require your full attention if you want to get any good at. This is a huge dilemma for me. 

The Fatal 4-way and DN-2

If you are a regular on the SSF4 forums, you will know GB user DBZ1995 is hosting a new Giantbomb PS3 tournament: a 4 versus 4 teambattle. I'll be participating of course with team Rice Balls, together with Ricetopher and others. I highly recommend people who own both a PS3 and SSF4 to join this tournament. There is no gate of any kind, so even if you are balls like me, you can still join.
The 28th of august there will be a SSF4 tournament in Utrecht, Netherlands namend DN2. I'll be participating together with 60 (and counting) others. The best of the best of Holland will be there, so I'm bound to pick up some tips and get my ass kicked back to my hometown, Spijkenisse. You can see the previously mentioned dillemma of SSF4 vs. Starcraft 2. SSF4 will be very important this month, but my love for (Blizzard) RTS's might prevail!
If you have survived my ramblings and are still reading, I hope to see you in the Fatal 4-way, or even just in the GB forums. Now you will actually KNOW the guy that is Trolling you.