E3 here I come!

So in a crazy stroke of luck I get to go to E3 again! (I went about five years ago the first time.)  I'm sure Giant Bomb is going to do a great job of covering the event, but they're only so many guys and so many hours of the day.  So I feel I should put in at least a little work and see about getting some information from E3 as well.  To that end I have two questions for the Giant Bomb Community:  
1.  What NOT MAJOR thing would you like see get a bit more attention.  We all know the big names and such are going to be covered by everyone, but what smaller company or niche game or idea would you like to see more on?  An MMO you've heard nothing about in a while?  New imports?  Controllers?  I know we don't have the best idea what's going to be there yet, but we do have an exhibitor's list: http://www.e3expo.com/show-info/641/exhibitor-list/ 
2.  I'm sure I'm not the only Giant Bomb user who's managed to finagle a pass to the event, my question for you guys and gals is what are you going to do at E3?  You planning putting any info from the event here at Giant Bomb?