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A "Good" MMO, but is that enough? 0

So after a month a few days I've hit 60 with my Slayer and my wife's Sorceress so I figured I can now properly review Tera. For those who dislike reading walls of text lets just get this out of the way:Outside of combat there's nothing new to see here.Yeah they have some big ugly dudes!That said since combat is a big deal in MMO's and is the most touted part of Tera you'd think that would be enough right? Well that depends on the player. My wife and I are old hands at World of Warcraft and we ha...

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Making Intendo games on my iPad 1

DARN YOU GIANT BOMB!  Thanks to the podcast I picked up a non-iPad game on my iPad.   What's worse (or better) is that it's a great game that makes me play it for hours and hours!    Game Dev Story is a very simple concept:  Let the player run a video game company.  Beyond that point it's the style and nods to reality that really get you going.  At it's core it is a simple office management game.  You mange your personel, direct who does what part of game development, what genre and theme of gam...

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We Came We Saw! 0

Yes I did, and I'm very glad I did! First off I am Gozer the Carpathian, which means I HAD to play this game.  As a big time Ghostbuster's fan I went into this game with high hopes and to be honest as far as "Ghostbusterness" I wasn't disappointed.  Any and all downsides really come from a gamer perspective. So let's break it down: 1. The GoodIt's the frik'n Ghostbusters man!  All four of our favorite busters are there with all of the gear, gadgets, gizmos, and jargon.   Toben's Spirit Guide, Ec...

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A great single player experience 0

First off I'm not the greatest RTS game player around.  In fact of all the genre's it's my least favorite next to Platformers.  That being said I'm a LONG time Warhammer 40K player (2nd Edition baby!) and I've been a Tyranid player since forever.  So needless to say I HAD to play this game.  First off let's get this out of the way:  The game looks great!  So great in fact it's the first game I've had to turn down the graphics on my Macbook Pro to play properly.  Secondly the Campaign is (so far)...

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