The Century List: 100+ Hours

Over the weekend I noticed that I've topped 100 hours in Men of War: Assault Squad. I was trying to think of other games that I've put that kind of time into and not very many came to mind. Here is what I came up with.

1. Half-Life: Counter-Strike

Freshman in college in the dorms with fast internet. Ping < 5. What else can I say? Playtime tapered off after I was kicked out my clan because they thought my brother was cheating.

2. Battlefield 2

My brothers and I poured countless hours into this game. Well, I guess they were counted. According to I played 170 hours, my older brother played 280 hours, and my younger brother played 500+ hours.

3. Final Fantasy VI

I've beaten this one at least three times. The first time I maxed out all the characters in the dinosaur forest. I'm hoping it will someday come out on the DS so I can play it again.

4. Men of War: Assault Squad

Over 100 hours into this one and I still get my ass kicked in multiplayer and cannot for the life of me beat most of the skirmish maps on normal difficulty.

There might be others that should be on the list that I'm not sure about: Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Forza 2, Forza 3.

And other games of note: Empire: Total War (60 hrs), Dawn of War II (40 hrs) + Chaos Rising (20 hrs).

What's on your Century List?