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Games that caused me physical pain

Here are some games that I played so much of in single stretches, that my hands started hurting, but I kept playing anyway.

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  • I was obsessed with the Laguna Seca time trial in this game. I would do marathon 50 lap sessions until my hands would cramp up and I had to remind myself to relax.

  • This game is just ridiculously hard on the PC. Restarting from the last checkpoint is so fast that it becomes second nature to restart and try again. Over and over and over and over. After about an hour of hunching over the keyboard in an unnatural position, you're bound to starting hurting.

  • Even though this version was easier than Trials 2, the fact that I had friends playing it and showing on the leaderboards ahead of me drove me to keep trying again and again. Inevitably my hands would cramp up and I'd have to stop playing for a while.