Giant Bomb Animation Project... Unofficial Classic

A few weeks ago on a Game Tapes or Demo Derby, Jeff mentioned Laugh Olympics... I remember that thing and it put the idea in my head to do an 80s Cartoon style opening animation for Giant Bomb. Well, after about 2 weeks of work it is finally done, check it out if ya want! My videos are not #monetized so I just want people to see it... and hopefully enjoy it.

Might want to watch it first before scrolling down if you like to avoid spoilers... spoilers for a dumb animated video, but still... I am going to include some high res screen shots from the video incase anyone wants them, or to just look at them.

I did all the animation myself and I also spliced the audio together from royalty free sound effects and the podcast music that I ripped from old episodes and edited together. I am new at animating, but I am even less awesome at audio, so apologies for the sound quality if its off.