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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

By far the funniest 2 hours I ever spent with my friends.  I can't even start to explain it.  The cats and Jimmy T. dancing is one of the funniest moments i can remember.  Warioware you get my vote!


New Wiiware RTS; Looks sweet.

Its called Swords & Soldiers.

Swords and Soldiers
Swords and Soldiers

Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling RTS that is being developed by the students that created De Blob (the original free-ware one) to be released on Nintendo's wiiware service.   The game will comprise of 3 factions, all battling for "the power of the gods". Swords & Soldiers will have a Single Player Campaign, as well as a splitscreen multiplayer. (only local :(  though).  It is also promised to include "Several other game modes"

Swords and Soldiers
Swords and Soldiers
I personally think this could turn out pretty good.  I absolutely love the art style and I really can't wait for it.  It is supposed to come out Q4 this year. 

So...Are you looking forward to it?  sound good?  sound bogus?  whataya think? 

Swords and soldiers splitscreen
Swords and soldiers splitscreen


The wii no longer can say it is anti-violent.

One game:



Really.  If you pause the trailer as the words fly in and read some of the finishing moves you can tell that this game is going to be AWESOME!!!!! 
Not only is the art style really original, but it is also really cool.

So with the anti-violent tag gone, are you happy or sad?

Maybe the Wii does have games on the horizon.

I have said it myself.  The wii doesn't have any more games left in its reserves.  I have thought about this, and now, I think it is not true.  If you don't believe, follow me to the magical list of games!!!!!

Pikman 3  (rumored Spring 2009)
Kid Icarus (pretty much confirmed)
Tales of Symphonia     (Q4 2008)
Little Kings story      (Q4 2008)
Crystal Cronicles Crystal bearers     (TBA 2008)
The Conduit       (Q1 2009)
Fatal Frame 4      (TBA)
Tenchu 4       (Oct. 23, 2008)
Dead Rising       (Q1 2009)
Wario Land Shake It!     (Sept 29, 2008)
Sonic Black Knight      (Q2 2009)
Animal Crossing       (Nov 16, 2008)
Zelda Wii      (TBA)
Mario Sluggers          (Aug 25, 2008)
New Mario Game    (TBA)
Rune Factory Frontier     (Q1 2009)
Arc Rise Fantasia   (TBA)
Wii Sports Resort   (TBA)
Wii Music    (Christmas 2008)
COD 5      (TBA)
Guitar Hero World Tour     (Oct 26, 2008)
Castlevainia Judgement     (Q4 2008)
Skate It       (TBA 2008)
De Blob       (Sept 22, 2008)
Mad World    ( Q1 2009)
Samba De Amigo   (Sept 23, 2008)
Monster Lab      (Q4 2008)
Deadly Creatures   (Q3 2008?)
Mushroom Men      (Q3 2008)
Wiiware titles   (varied)
Mega Man 9       (sept 2008)
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party      (Q4 2008)

I  believe that there are more.  No, I  KNOW that there are more.  But those are just a few to get you to believe.  I'm sold, what about you?


Sexy 64 (Mega 64 info)

I'd have been banned for this on Gamespot  :P
There is also a sexy 64 1 video.     You gotta love the Jessica Chobot and Dick Masterson cameos!

Mega 64.  Its simply put jackass with video games. They dress up in costumes and go around pretending to play the games in real life.  In front of unknowing civilians.
The skits are on the side of their site

They also have a tv series running called mega 64 which uses the skits in the game.  The version 1/ version 2  disks sell for about $10.  They are WELL worth the deal.

They do a weekly podcast and also a weekly ign insider video.

Check em out, I doubt you'll be dissapointed