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Battlefront II review 0

This game is insane. It is very addicting and fun on multilayer. Here are my thoughts on Battlefront 2: Game play: The game play was excellent. It was a thrill to play and a fun experience. It mostly follows the same schedule, spawning with a specific class (sharpshooter, heavy, regular, etc.) and taking command posts while fighting back your enemies. It seems like it would be redundant but it is incredibly fun. With multiple maps and some different modes, it hardly ever gets boring. The sin...

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Pokemon Pearl Review 0

When I first got this game, I thought it would be fun but still have that boring Pokemon feel (you know, going from town to town can get pretty boring and redundant), but when I started playing, it sucked me in and I couldn't stop playing. It still starts out the same, you just went out with your friend when a group of Pokemon attack and you have to grab one of the three Pokemon starters (fire, water, grass) and then because you fought so well you get to keep it and end up going on a quest to ge...

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Trauma Center New Blood Review 0

The Trauma Center Series is one of a kind and could only be made on Nintendo's systems. Here are some of the goods and bads to it The Goods: sharp control, realistic bodies/organs, great voice acting, great plot (if you take the time to read it), suspenseful music, Co-Op, challenging and fun puzzles The Bads: Excruciatingly difficult, Boring text. GAME PLAY 9.5/10 The game play is some of the best and most original gameplay ever developed. When companies think of games, they think "where will t...

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Prime 3 review 0

When I picked up this game I was like YA, SWEET, and it was everything I wanted from the beginning. The game starts off 6 months after Prime 2's events with Samus the Bounty Hunter sleeping in her gunship. She is called onboard the GFS Olympus to recieve a message and things start getting to business quickly. Space Pirates attack the fleet and launch an attack on nearby Norion. Samus then fights off the flagship and down to the planet, where the plot really starts to thicken. Lets start with the...

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Galaxy Review 0

Is this the worthy successor to Super Mario 64? Yes. This game is amazing. It almost definitely places itself in the category of "greatest games ever" There is nothing mediocre about it whatsoever. It starts out with Mario going to see Peach during the centennial passing of a comet. While going to the castle, Bowser comes with a fleet of Pirate ships and literally rips the castle out of the ground and pulls it into space. Mario gets knocked off the castle and falls into the orbit of a small "pl...

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Zelda PH review 0

Phantom Hourglass....ah where to begin... the good: great controls good story/characters quirky dialogue great boss fights good collectibles OUTSTANDING puzzles the bad: easy dungeon that you have to go back to again and again and again small variety of weapons Phantom Hourglass is like a rare stone. You don't find them often, but when you do, you are really happy about it. GAMEPLAY: 9/10 The game plays fairly like the other Zelda games, but most like the wind waker. You find yourself agai...

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