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7/30/08 Blog

I don't necessarily have anything interesting to talk about today seeing as how I haven't played any games today. I had to clean house all day today. I would like to talk about however, my second day on I have 174 points mostly due to images and box art that I've added to obscure games like Aerostar and America's Army True Soldiers. For some reason box art for those games couldn't be found and it was my duty to add them.


7/29/08 Blog

Today marks my first full day of being part of Giant and I have to say, its just what I've always wanted in a videogame database. I have confidence that giantbomb will be the goto source for gaming info, trivia, and reviews. With the already vase database already in use, I can only imagine the wealth of knowledge that will be available. I've already got 30 points in one day, I don't know for sure whether thats a lot or not, seeing as some people have over 10000, but it's good for me. I like knowing that when I look at a game page and I know that something is not included or is false information that I can change it or add to it, and who knows. Maybe somebody will be looking for that piece of info.

Anyway, yesterday I got to play some of Advent Rising on the Xbox. At first I thought it was kind of cool because of all the sci fi and stuff, but unfortunately the controls just weren't all there. I stuck with it through the first level on the spaceship and pretty much breezed through it. The way the controls work is that there is a sort of flick-stick targeting system, where you have to flick the right control stick in the direction of the enemy you want to target, and it's just not hooking me. They didn't really spend that much time on the gameplay if feel. The game never seemed to understand just which enemy I wanted to target, and that kind of controls really bother me. The same thing happened when I started playing Armored Core 4 on the Xbox 360, the game's targeting system wasn't all there. I like the story of Advent Rising so far, but It does seem rather generic. I tried to play a little bit more today. Last night I had beaten the first level, so today I loaded up the second. You're on the ground on some planet and you need to go get a vehicle to make your way to a city. The driving was reminiscent of Halo with the two stick driving controls. That was pretty easy, I didn't actually die from being shot, but the way the car turns is the part that irks me. The left trigger causes the vehicle to swerve to whichever direction you have the right stick facing and whenever I didn't want to do that much of a turn, I fell off a cliff, and for some reason they decided to make tha path that you have to navigate like 6 feet wide at one point. Anyway, after the driving you get to the city and you have to kill a bunch of dudes. I don't know if it was just me or what, but somehow I was dying left and right. I just couldn't actually target anything. Whenever I tried to target one enemy waaaay off to the left the camera would swing to the right and then the left, and by then the enemy was on the other side of the screen, because the enemies can jump around and such. I may play some more later but I'm not feeling it right now.



Welcome, to xombie25's blog, If you want to know about me as in most people's first blog read the about me, below, but, to peel away from the crowd I'm going right into what's been going on with me game-wise. Firstly, I've been on vacation for a week because otherwise I would have joined giantbomb on launch. But anyway, I've been on vacation so I've been playing Pokemon Diamond for a little bit. I've played 20 hours and its great.
Something about me that I didn't write in the about me, is that I lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Call of Duty 4. But who doesn't, right? But thats pretty much all I play, so If you guys want to play some COD4 anytime add me to your friends list on 360. Thats all I've been playing, from Amazon, I bought Advent Rising on Xbox and Crackdown for 360, so sorry for the pretty weak first blog but anyway see you all guys and hope you enjoy giant bomb like I do, and YoW!