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Total let down 0

This game had more hype than anything else. For a fighting game I would have to give very low standards indeed. The controls are sticky and hard to define, it is more of a one but mashing game. The enemies are extremely easy no matter the level and there is not alot of special moves its basically jump and punch alot and they are dead, normally you dont even take damage. The fact that you can buy more costumes, levels and art work are the only bonuses to the game. Granted you can move through ou...

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You wont be able to stop playing 0

This game has to be one of my favorite hand held games. The interaction between the characters is amazing while being similar to Pokemon at the same time it is completely different. It has a basic story line plus many side quests to complete. There is never a boring moment as there is always something to do, even once you have beat the game new jobs and side quests open up as well as a new main quest, a total of 4 I believe. The ability to give commands as well as use hand weapons and moving aro...

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Not worth it 0

While the show may be a very interesting show, the game is not. Where in the show they build these unique vehicles that can do pretty much anything the game can too, but you can only build with the parts they give you and put them in the place they want you too. This game is basically a drag and drop but with a twist that you have you twist the wrench or weld the part, which normally and annoyingly does not work. Then once your done you can test out the vehicle in the "junk yard" which has terr...

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Oh yeah 0

This is one game I never would have played had it not been for the demo, because it is just not in my normal genre of games that I like. Usually shooter games, in my opinion, are very linear and boring with nothing to really do. However this one I do have to say peaked my interest , you can play through and skip almost all the objectives and just go for the main or you can just do the straight out given objectives, or you can go off and find the objectives and the bonus objectives which are not ...

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Family fun 0

This is a stand out great kids game that even the adults can find them selves getting sucked into, especially if your a Disney fan. This has a great game engine similar to that of tony hawk underground but simplified controls for the kids. There is a ton of unlockable levels as well as characters including a great customizable character section. This game utilizes warp points for transferring between worlds making it easier and more interesting for the kids. There really is no age that cant get...

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Dirty sin 0

This game is obviously not for everyone. Even though there is unlockable strip shows its is not a requirement that they must be watched. As a matter of fact they can only be accessed within the game by going to the club and selecting it. Many people have a problem with its racy content and cant see past that to the actual game. With great controls, fairly open levels to explore, customizable bikes, customizable characters, and plenty of unlockables this game keeps you going. This is a game I wo...

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Great Hack and slash 0

When I started the game my hopes were high, it seemed to be a fairly intresting looking hack and slash type of game, and since I hadnt played one since bauldurs gate dark aliance for xbox I thought it would be fun. It was for a little while but the enemies dont seem to get any harder once you get to a certain point and it becomes very repetative and easy. It did however give a quite good amount of time of game play and has a few extras to do after the final quest and has a cool option where you ...

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