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Game of the Year 2022

There are way too many games I didn't get around to this year, but I feel compelled to make a list none the less.

I'd like to shout out the old games I spent as much or more time playing than the new stuff here as well:

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis:

Still having a mindless good time with this one.

Halo the Master Chief Collection:

I've been playing through the campaigns of all the non-Halo 4 games plenty of times.

Halo Infinite:

Since online coop was finally released I went through this one once with TFP and then again on my own. It's the best 343 Halo to date, but has some issues with pacing and environmental variety. I could just as well do without the open world in the next one, but at least they didn't botch it badly here.

Link's Awakening (switch):

I picked this one up again and finished it for once. Still my favorite Zelda game overall and the Switch version is super charming.

List items

  • As I've gotten more into v-tubers lately this was a great mix of things I like. While it is much like vampire survivors, an increased emphasis on character specific abilities, bosses, and advanced enemy patterns makes it stand out on its own.

  • Maybe not the original survivor / bullet heaven game, but it's the one that introduced me to the genre and it's a damn good time. The constant stream of updates throughout the year was also pleasant.

  • A relaxed and humorous platformer which is just the right size (pun intended).

  • Cuphead's DLC is more of everything great about the original. Not much more than that to say on this one.

  • Between this and Streets of Rage 4 it's clear that the side scrolling brawler is not a dead genre. Rather, it can be brought into the modern age with minor tweaks to the formula to make it better than ever. Excellent sprite work and music seal the deal with Turtles.

  • Splatoon 3 is very much "more of a good thing", but for some reason this entry is the one that's really caught on with people. Good for you Splatoon, you deserve it. Keep on trucking.

  • It's about time this sucker got a re-release on modern platforms. If you haven't played it yet you're missing out. Go grab this game and Tell'em Jadd the Taff sent ya!