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There's a thread that's 5 years old or so that i really wanted to necro but fought the urge.

Simply put, ME1 is the best Mass Effect game, conceptually. The problem is that actually playing Mass Effect 1 is an infuriating exercise in insanity. I first played through on PC and so the only issues I encountered were with the actual game itself, but I started a playthrough on Xbox One to get the achievements and just ugh, I hate this game

The Mako is so fucking terrible. It's just fucking awful. There is no consistency whatsoever to the control scheme and it's entirely dependent on camera. I've literally gotten stuck for a solid 30 seconds of not being able to move in any useful way. The repair function also literally doesn't work. I have repair charges. I mash Y, nothing repairs. I mean I've literally died on the lava planet trying to get to Liara like 10 times today and only one of them was outside the Mako. And these issues existed in the PC version too, don't get me wrong. The only issue that didn't exist on PC was the poor framerate, as the game obviously runs fine with all 4k texture mods and graphics overhauls.

The auto-save system is so incompetent. It will save every time you switch areas in say, the Citadel, but not only will it not autosave when you pass checkpoints in that same lava level, but it won't even let you manually save until right before you fight a bunch of Geth on foot. And that certainly isn't the only instance of it being trash. As others have mentioned before, it also runs like complete turd on Xbox. I think the problem is that this game was designed for PC and they didn't bother turning anything down, instead just porting it to Xbox originally. I fear to see the other titles on console.

There's also the fact that the combat is totally incompetent and you spend a lot of the early game with your party members flat out dying, regardless of their equipment or skills or biotics or upgrades. Usually short before you die as well.

Mass Effect 1 is still the best, despite all those issues, as it actually had an illusion of exploration and freedom. ME2 and 3 force you into pre-defined levels at all points in the game where you can't explore anything and are also being attacked by 30000 enemies which prevents you from exploring even if you could. But ME2 definitely fixed the combat issues in all ways.

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    Literally just bought and installed this like 2 hours ago. Haven't checked it out yet, loved the first one despite it's unoriginal blatant FF7 references.

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      This is a lie. No one has ever beaten Jurassic Park on SNES.

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        Wait, what?

        The Fall for best story? A game that did nothing that various other scifi games haven't done before? Surely you jest. Yes, it's a good story. Yes, it's a good troid. But best story?

        I'm not saying Shadow of Mordor or Wolfenstein or Watch Dogs or Far Cry or Walking Dead or other games had better stories, but this is a ridiculous statement.

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        @jeust: Not sure that's a possibility.

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        @jeust: Not sure that's a possibility.

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          Pretty sure Isaac himself belongs on this list. Dude survived three games full of necromorphs, all the while suffering from severe dementia and going insane and being betrayed by everyone. Even Chris had substantial back-up and the safety of solid ground and oxygen, dude was alone in space with no company but visions of his dead girlfriend.

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          It's not a sequel, it's a prequel. They just didn't want to reveal that at the time. I know i'm stating what can be found all over the internet, but revelations takes place after the formation of the BSAA. Chris has some random girl as his partner (cute, though a whiner) and Jill has a plump Carlos-copy as her partner. The game is supposed to be much more survival horrory, but it's definitely a prequel to RE5 (in t hat it takes place before RE5, not that it has anything whatsoever to do with RE5). As far as I remember. I am however thoroughly unimpressed with both the plot and the creature design, as well as the 3DS only release, which is bound to piss off every single true RE fan there has been for the past 15 years. I don't want to drop 360 dollars just to play a game that should have been developed primarily for PS3/Xbox/PC, and ported to 3DS, the first 3 of course being systems I already own. Anyway, the monster design looks like they paid someone from Silent Hill to develop boring, uninspiring amorphous creatures for their enemies, just to get away from the Plagas - this is unacceptable. 
          I feel  your pain in also having willingly watched Starship Troopers 2 - expecting something substantial to happen the whole time. The movie was utterly terrible. The only entertainment I drew from said movie was the fact that Sue Ellen Mitchkie from Seinfeld (Whatever her name is) re-appeared in this movie - she was the Captain of the Roger Young in the first movie. And she of course died again in the second film. And then SST3 had Jolene Blalock and Casper van Dien in it, so it was halfway watchable.

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          Hardware should have nothing to do with it. Resident Evil never belonged on handhelds, and I still support this opinion in regards to Revelations and Mercs 3D. It is a console/PC game and should stay on a console/PC, where you can do what you want and need to do to make an excellent survival horror game.  
          Resident Evil 4 was not the best game in the series by a long shot, but it is definitely one of the best titles in the franchise. I'm so sick of noobs who never heard of Resident Evil until 2004 who played this game and said "OMG BEST GAME EVER" because it isn't, at all. Even within the franchise it was already focused around stale gameplay  mechanics and aging controls, so you can't call it the best - and that's utterly ignoring the lack of creativity and originality that went into this game (If this is what I say about RE4, how violent is my opinion on RE5? you ask yourself. lol. :) ) 
          @Contro  I agree with you. Revelations is my last hope for Capcom. Not even just Resident Evil, I mean Capcom as a whole. They have gone the wrong direction entirely, with their most popular franchise. If this is the way they treat Resident Evil, do I want to see the kind of bile they regurgitate for Street Fighter? Megaman? MVC? Bayonetta? DMC? Need I list more? 
          The even more unfortunate thing is, if you look at the abandoned development versions of RE4, which are actually survival horror, you can see where they had a moment of clarity and they were headed back in the right direction, AND THEY STILL DID THE WRONG THING. 
          @KingWilly - What do you mean smarter? Smarter thinking on their behalf to build up tension in short bursts rather than over the course of the whole game? I can't agree with that. When you were worried about dying in Resident Evil 4, you always had the reassurance that once you got over this next hurdle, defeated this next boss, you had a merchant, and a save point, and the enemies would drop 204949 petas and 459 bullets. The entire game is just a cycle of "OMG - nevermind I'm good. OMG! Oh nvm there's some ammo. OMG! Oh nvm here's 4 green herbs in the same room." On the other hand, Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, CV was: "OMG I have 6 inventory slots and i started out with only 2 free. I only have 15 bullets. OMG there's a zombie. WTF he took 9 shots to kill! Crap now I have 6 bullets. Crap I can;t unlock this door. Damnit, I need an item box. Damnit, I need to pick up this key but I picked up this stupid wooden slate I don't even know the purpose for and I have no room. Now  I have to go back to the subspace item storage box on the other side of the building, and there are dogs and junk in the way. OMG CRIMSON HEAD ZOMBIE WTF RUN. (Many of these of course refer to REmake which is scarier IMO, though it does away with a lot of what made the original good/cheesy/classic.) It's much scarier and anxiety/paranoia producing than RE4 or 5 is. The only areas in 4 or 5 that make you concernicus are when you hear, or know, that there is a chainsaw around - which isn't even a big deal.