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My top 8 games on Steam for under £10 (In no particular order)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  (£6.99)

 KOTOR Box Art
 KOTOR Box Art
Psychonauts (£5.99)
Front cover of Psychonauts for PC
Front cover of Psychonauts for PC
Max Payne 1 & Max Payne 2 (Bundle £8.99)

Max Payne (Original Box Art)
Max Payne (Original Box Art)
Braid   (£9.99)
Title Screen for Braid
Title Screen for Braid
The Longest Journey (£5.99)
No Caption Provided
Half Life (£5.99)

US Game of the Year Edition box art
US Game of the Year Edition box art
Beyond Good and Evil (£4.99)

No Caption Provided

Trackmania Nations Forever (FREE)
Edit: Prices correct at time of writing

My 'Must-Own' Games Of 2009

Loved the first one. It was my first game I got with my PS3. This is looking to be even better.
Enjoyed the first one, I didn't really mind the repetitiveness of it. The story was interesting.
Not really sure why I want this so much, I'm not at all into heavy metal, it's made by Tim Schafer though so it's sure to be funny.
I wasn't really interested in this for a long time but as we get closer to release I'm slowly getting pumped.
I love my western RPG's (KOTOR and Mass Effect are two of my most beloved games), and I love the Bourne vibe in this game.

I just saw Funny People and..

 ..Its pretty good.. I originally went planning to see Final Destination, but the 3D viewing wasn't starting for another hour and a half.
So we decided to see Funny People, I was expecting it to be a light-hearted, short, forgettable Adam Sandler movie.. But, its pretty mature (aside from all the cock jokes, and theres alot). Just to give you an idea of the plot...
The movie starts off by showing playboy, comedian and actor George Simmons (Sandler) going to see a doctor, who tells him he has a form of lukemia.. Not how I expected the film to start, you then meet Ira (Seth Rogen), an amateur comedian who lives with his flatmates Leo, also a amateur comedian and Mark, star of a terrible sitcom on NBC.
One night, a depressed George performs at a comedy club, after which Ira performs teasing George about being depressed.. After leaving the club, Ira notices that a car is parked too close to his car for him to open the door, when he goes to speak to the man in the vehicle he see that it is George Simmons crying. Ira explains that he is a fan and apologizes for teasing him and George drives off.
A few days later George calls Ira to ask him to write material for him, Ira accepts and their friendship begins.  
This movie is really the story of George finding friendship and trying to win back his ex-wife Laura (Leslie Mann).. But it plays out alot more interestingly than its cliched premise, there are also some hilarious moments in it.
It's nice to have a change of pace to the normal Adam Sandler 'wacky' character that we see, although we see glimpses of it.
Being two and a half hours long it dips in the middle a bit, but keeps your attention enough to stop you being bored. Eric Bana is also brilliant in this as Lauras Aussie husband. 
I heartily recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Seth Rogan/ Adam Sandler style of comedy + doesn't mind paying attention to a story  7/10