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what the fuck is happening
all the good talent at gamespot leave (no offence to other people there but i dont follow that site) and now giantbomb is crumbling. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT BUILDING ITS KILLING THE SITES
fucking worst friday ever

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Bianca sounds like the most amazing woman. i mean hell she can actually deal with dan and his bullshit. that takes so much strength and mental fortitude. best of luck to them

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so really who is left. other then downtown peter brown. i was gonna say chris waters but is also left.

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dont use death medal to revive if you wannaflee:
just die. and use kill coins to revive the character in the freezer. you still keep everything in your inventory, exp and even kill coins and splitherin you picked up in the dungeon before you died.
so instead of using a death medal to try and flee and possible dying having to do it again just let it die (get it) and revive that character

bugs are your friend:
okay so you have properly found out that the bugs can be eaten for life. if cooked they give more. and you can hear them in the level.
BUT some bugs are worth more dead. pillbugs (commonly found on fl 11) if killed they will give lifeshroom. lifeshroom gives 25% health back (50% if cooked) on death. and there is no timer. meaning. kill a pillbug cook the lifeshroom and eat it. you now have a free revive upon death and it even stays on that character if you change to a different one and change back. dead crabs (also easy to find on fl 11 drops vampire fungus that absorb 20% damage for 30sec (40% for 40sec if cooked) and so on so it can be good to keep a bug alive so you can eat them if needed or throw and kill them if you need the shroom.

also if you are annoyed about the snails that use poison you can crawl up to them and pick them up without being poisoned. unless you take to long

be a coward:

my most succesful strategi against harder enemies is basically get there attention. run behind a corner and attack when they come past it. giving you an easier chance of oppetunity. rage mode is also good for that.

use stealth:

this is especially useful around the haters. especially when you as a lvl 1 char on fl 2 run in to a lvl hater that can kill you in one hit.
press down on L3 to crouch. slowly walk behind them and hit x to do a suplex. it might not kill them but they are down giving you plenty of time to stomp them to death or lock on to them and just hit them until they die.
also the ai has a fairly narrow cone of vision and is fairly deaf so if two screamers are standing you might take do a suplex on one and kill him with your weapons. and then couch less the 2 feet to the next and do the same. they basically only hear footsteps. and not your character yelling die while hitting someone with a hammer

take your time but not to much time:
its important to not rush. its alot like dark souls if that helps you. be careful take your time. plan your actions. but if you take to much time the jackels will show up. basically lvl 200 overpowered killers. have only seen that once where 1 showed up, i attacked, did pretty much no damage and he shot me once dealing 9999 damage. the good news here is there will sound an alarm when you have spent to much time and and the characters will start hunting you. if you hear that alarm. run to the nearest exit or elevator.

easy boss mode:
farm transparagus and scorpionshroom and make bosses a cakewalk

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you still get everyrthing they showed. sure there are not 100 new features but remember what you see in the video is over a good number of years. most importantly what you get in my opinion is:
no ads
get to support stupid shit
multiple premium podcasts.
different premium content, and access to archives that was premium. incase you missed it live.
the option of no ads in podcasts.

basically there is nothing to be concerned about. and trust me you might not remember but you did get a lot of new content. or continued on older things
like the latest metal gear scanlon, castlevinny, mario party, blue bombing, upf archives, more jar time, demo derby, play dates, game tapes, hitmans, the giantbombcast in video form. amoung alot more. and thats considering that they still are understaffed. and austin walker left making them more under staffed. and a bunch of other stuff. danny leaving GS also impacted alt+f4 and danswers but not majorly, and will still continue.

so i dont see the problem. also most of all i support them in doing stupid shit. i just get a huge bonus of all the other things i get

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1. sure, its still a QL just of an unfinnished game. same with the QL exclusives sure they dont have the same naming but its still the same format

2 no idea

3. no idea

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im not superstitious at all so no it would not bother me. plus depending on the age of the house there could be plenty of other people who have died there, or pets or just on the land.
usually you can get the house cheaper since the children dont want to get stuck with it. so if its the right house at the right price in the right location. then yes no problem

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no idea. pipe dream?
im a plumber

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from my experience i have never had a problem with any of the things you mention.
i have never been randomly cut out of my game unless it was an error of some kind. and that also happens on disc versions. never had a random license error, never heard of being banned because you had a digital version and changing console would also not be a problem unless you did not login with your profile. basically i personally have not encountered something that was specifically due to owning a digital version of a game.
so i dont see a problem with going digital but i also dont have an issue with staying disc based. its all about space on your shelfs or where you have your disc based games. and how easy/lazy you are.
i mostly buy digital because then i dont have to drive 10km to a store in its opening hours and buy it to drive all the way back. its just easier doing it from your couch. either way is fine.

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people complaining about no mans sky are kinda stupid if you ask me. for multiple reasons. especially since it works just fine, it just didnt live up to your expectation.