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Today is a pizza and beer day

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So my funds are limited for the time being...

Rock Band 2 comes out on the 14th (the game disc), and I was wondering if you think that it is going to be worth a full $60?  An alternate option would be to buy a used copy of Oblivion (I traded mine in quite some time ago) and then purchase the Shivering Isles at the new lowered price since I never got to experience it.  Of course, I could always not spend money on a game this month and just wait for October to arrive (which happens to be the month of my birthday :D ).  SO, what should I DO? 


Well Ryan was right...

The Pub games suck...lucky for myself and most of you they were free. ;)  I also picked up The Darkness at its new low used price of.......around $9.....and at that price this game is a steal, although so far I'm not really..."into" the game yet.  This may have something to due with the lighting in my room (some glare with the bright sun today [I need DRAPES or curtains not these damn blinds!]) and the way I felt today (sick) :P


SO I bought ANOTHER arcade game

But this time it was far from a game that I would probably look back and question the purchase was GEO WARS 2.  I liked playing the first game even though I never was very good at it, so I thought I would give it a try.  This time there are six different modes and the game is far more accessible even to the noobiest of noobs and I can definitely recommend you go buy it now!


So this is the bomb eh?

Looks like I have a new home for everything related to gaming finally! :O  1up just didn't feel right after being at GS so long...this seems like it has great potential. :)

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