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Superb multiplayer! 0

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was one of my most anticipated titles going into 2012. I was looking forward to Criterion developing another game in the series, and was interested in what direction they would take after their last endeavor, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit followed the format of most arcade racers at the time with a shallow and focused single player, and a multiplayer that relied upon short bursts of competition (5 minute races). All in all, it was one of my favorite racing ...

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Your Mission: Open that Eraser Factory 0

Nelson Tether's: Puzzle Agent is another point and click adventure game from developer Telltale Games. This time around, the emphasis is placed on solving puzzles at every turn not unlike the popular Professor Layton series of games. Where Puzzle Agent sets itself apart is its unique art style, excellent characters, and simply being a charming and witty adventure game in an era of big budget juggernauts.The art style in Nelson Tether's has the appearance of being completely hand drawn. The chara...

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A Supreme Arcade Experience! 0

Trenched is a very refreshing game. It proves once again that you do not have to spend multi millions to make a fully featured game that has depth, replay value, and above all else, fun.As game production costs and values continually climb, many developers that find themselves in-between those mega corporations and the "2 guys in a garage" esque studios are beginning to shift their attention to the downloadable marketplace. Double Fine is one such developer that has produced 3 very recent and ve...

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Inclement weather has never been so good 0

Heavy Rain is an experience not often found in the gaming world. A gripping narrative unfolds that instills a sense of emotional attachment to the characters, plot, and decisions being made. The feeling of uncertainty and curiosity that accompanies the player throughout the entire journey is something that places Heavy Rain above the average video game.The plot revolves around a serial killer abducting young boys and slowly drowning them over a period of several days. The story is told through t...

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No Risk involved in this purchase 0

Risk: Factions is a pleasant surprise to most people.   A lot of people, myself included, downloaded the demo expecting the game to be translated to the Xbox Live Arcade in the most generic fashion possible.   This couldn’t be farther from the typical port.   The game features awesome animation, easy to play gameplay, and some of the best times you can have with an XBLA game.   The singleplayer component features both a campaign and custom skirmish games to be played against the game’s A.I.   T...

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A new approach 0

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is one of the best games to be released in this current generation.   It is rare to find a game that touches upon every category of merit so well but at the same time, is overlooked and underappreciated by many.   The game focuses on various challenges that must be completed using vehicles.   The catch is that while they provide the player with vehicles to complete these challenges, it is often best to build your own machines to conquer the tasks. N&B takes a ...

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Game of the Year 2009 0

While you may disagree with my initial assessment of the game (it being GOTY 2009), there is no denying the tremendous overall quality present and the amount of work put into this title.   The previous two games in the Forza Motorsport franchise both raised the standards of racing simulation games.   Not only did they deliver some of the best physics and gameplay of any driving game ever released, they added depth to a genre that was accustomed to giving you cars and letting you “drive”.   Gran ...

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Don't waste your time 0

The Pub Games are very unique in the fact that you can transfer gold earned in them to your Fable 2 character, once the game arrives.   The only problem with that is there is only one game, Fortune's Tower, that can earn you money.   Hopefully, you didn't pay the $10 in MS points to purchase this game and got it for free with your $10 reserve at Gamestop.   If you did pay for the game, I truly feel sorry for you.   The game comes packed with 3 shallow, and rather boring, "games of chance" that y...

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