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Favorites of the Decade: 2010 - 2019

My favorite games of the Decade that I've played in no particular order.

Also, a favorite honorable mention (Because it's an online Indie Game not listed on here) is the GameTrekking Omnibus (look it up).

List items

  • One of the greatest character action games of all time. It's basically everything I love about action games wrapped in Power Rangers. It's hype, it's funny, it's wonderful. I try to make an effort to play this game at least once a year. I will never stop talking about how much I love the Wonderful 101.

  • An epic sci-fi adventure unlike anything I've played before. It's a bit daunting to pick up, but it has one of the most imaginative virtual worlds I've ever seen. I still think about this game a lot. I'm usually very bad at finishing long RPG games, but Ceno X got me hooked. Played over 200 hours. One of the best RPGs I've ever played.

  • I like Galaxy 1 better, but that came out last decade. This is arguably the most fine tuned Mario ever made.

  • One of the best fighting games of all time. While released too soon, UMVC3 brought over a lot of great balance changes and characters that are still fun to play and watch. I've probably put more time into the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 games than anything on this list.

  • An amazing shake up of the Zelda series that had me exploring for almost 200 hours and kept putting off the end so I could look around more.

  • I have a softer spot for the original Splatoon than Splatoon 2. It was such a weird concept that I didn't think I would like until the pre-launch demo which had me instantly hooked. I love Splatoon.

  • The best mech fighting game of the decade. It has such a varied roster of mobile suits across the Gundam franchise that it's basically Gundam Smash Bros. It features far more content, suits, modes than its PS4 Sequel. It's a shame you have to import this to play it.

  • Took everything cool about the first Bayonetta and cranked it to eleven...hundred. Super hype.

  • Took everything I loved about Spider-Man 2 The Game, wrapped it with modern open world trappings, and an epic story. Loved this game!

  • Video Game: The Video Game. Smash Ultimate should NOT exist as it currently is, but somehow it does, and it's beautiful. I can't wait to see it grow with future DLC!

  • I love Smash Ultimate, but Smash WiiU/3DS holds a special place in my heart. It was here when we didn't expect all that Ultimate had spoiled us with so when characters like Ryu, Bayo, Cloud showed up we all lost our collective minds, never expecting any of those characters in Smash in a million years. This game broke that door open while being an epically fun entry in the series that also gave us the first handheld smash. Smash Ultimate is objectively better in every way (except Ganondorf, I liked him better here), but I have a soft spot for Smash 4 and it had to walk and run so Ultimate could fly.

  • I loved Pokemon X and it's my favorite entry in the franchise of the decade. I had a lot of fun with it and I still remember a good chunk of the adventure. I still think about that post-game message scrawled on the bench in that city.

  • An amazing introduction to the Kid Icarus franchise after coming out of nowhere in Smash Brawl. The gameplay was hype, the plot was interesting, and the writing was absolutely HILARIOUS! People say they had wrist problems playing this, but I can't say I had any.

  • A different breed of game that tells the story of your journey in a calm and non-action oriented way. Not only that, but it's beautiful to look at. It was the subject of my research at some point.

  • Favorite Sonic Game so far that is basically Sonic's greatest (and not so greatest) hits remastered.

  • An innovative way to use mobile phones to tell interesting new narratives. Also the subject of my research of some point. I'd love to put other games I researched on this list, but Giant Bomb only lists commercial releases and not unknown indies.

  • One of the most influential games I've ever played and inspired a lot of my eventual games research. Showed me how Conversation could be just as, if not more, engaging than blasting aliens. Then they wrapped it all in an epic and enjoyable action Sci-Fi game that reflected my choices. This was my first Mass Effect Game and I loved it.

  • An Action Game Favorite. I know little about Metal Gear besides offhand knowledge, but this was a treat regardless. Epic action, hype music, and over the top spectacle only the insanity of Kojima and Platinum could deliver together

  • I loved Arkham Asylum but that was last decade. I loved Arkham City, but not as much as most people. Arkham Knight took most of what I loved about Asylum and City, cranked it up, and added a Batmobile. Not as narratively tight as Asylum, but so much better than City.

  • My favorite Halo Game. An epic struggle that has the best elements of Halo and adds armor abilities to make it even more interesting. A great swansong for Bungie on the series.

  • Assassin's Creed II is still the best game in the franchise, but this takes a close second.

  • Sequel to the surprise hit Portal, Portal 2 outdid the original in every regard and made it's puzzle-solving story fun and engaging... With a Potato!

  • The surprise hit that came out of nowhere and subverted expectations to create a unique experience. The worst thing you could say about Undertale is its cringy fandom.

  • Another indie game that came out of absolutely nowhere and defied all expectations. I still think about this game... And so do my students who shocked me by playing this game on their own time and then giggled when they realized I knew what it was. o_o

  • I am complete trash at this game and I'm meh about playing it, but it is an absolute joy to see this game in motion.

  • To say Pokemon Go revolutionized the social dichotomy between games and mobile technology is an understatement. I have yet to see any game revolutionize our culture so quickly and so profoundly as Pokemon GO, if only for a few months. I've been to several meetups with HUNDREDS of people attending to play this. I still whip it out on occasion. I still see entire groups of people gathering at Pokestops and Gym Raids. It inspired everyone to use gaming to explore and become more fascinate with our surroundings, regardless of age, gender, or background. Pokemon GO revolutionized our gaming and social culture more visibly than any game I've ever seen.