Best 2012

My favorites of 2012!

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  • What can I say, they got me early and amazed me over and over throughout this amazing story. The most emotionally engaged I've ever been with a game and/or characters. I love Lee and Clem. High water mark for stories in games.

  • I played this game with CJ, Jake, and Chestar for hundreds of hours. Great followup and the perfect kind of game for a nightly coop with friends night. FAT LOOT! Notable absence (Diablo 3 which should have scratched this itch better, but burned out on really quick).

  • Nothing more I can say than a singular, beautiful experience that I will remember for a long time. High point in games giving you and emotional experience.

  • The most polished and well designed action game on the list. The freedom, the choices, the metagame, the look of the open world (played on PC). Not to mention the great story missions. All of that Skyrim/RDR open world goodness with solid, familiar, reliable, FPS controls and conventions.

  • Never played any of the originals. This game grabbed me and gave me that strategy game fix I've been missing for a while, that Civ "1 more turn" plus killing aliens and worrying about my crew was awesome. I see myself playing this far into the future.

  • I'm amazed at how solid and polished this Halo game turned out made by non-bungie. Also probably the most visually and technically impressive game this year.

  • This game is the new crack. Amazingly deceptive at first, but the "always on threat" of people jacking your base while you aren't playing and the feeling of raiding someone is amazing. Not to mention the amazingly tight design for resource management and grabbing microtrans money.

  • The biggest enigma of the year. The game I was most looking forward to. Early on I was not impressed with where the story was going and what happened to my beloved ME2 crew. Then I started messing around with the multiplayer (with it's amazing metagame). It ended up hooking me and that made me stop playing the main game. I eventually tired of that. Near the end of the year I went back and gave it another try. I ended up enjoying the story and the ending (thanks to the extended DLC). A bit of a mis-step in many ways, but an OK ME game is still better than most.

  • They did it, they made a solid, challenging, well controlling platformer on iOS. Plus the Rayman origins look and sound is also tops!

  • X360, I know this technically came out last year (beta/alpha even longer). However playing this in it's 'finished' state with local coop with my Son has been some of the best gaming moments of the year.