Best of 2006

My favorite games of 2006

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  • Holy crap this game was amazing! Graphics were mind blowing, gameplay was awesome. This game really felt like the true launch of "next-gen".

  • Such an amazing game. On the high level the tons of zombies and all sorts of crazy weapons you can use to kill them is awesome. Looking a little deeper, the time based mechanics that make you choose what to do adds real incredible tension! Also tons of replay-ability. (Revisionist history this has ended up being one of my favorite 360 games of all time when I went back and started achievement hunting in this game, I've played it at least 5 times all the way through, the first game I got all achievements in). I love this game!

  • I worked on this game near the end of it's development. I still love playing it, the feeling of being in this huge open world and all of the possibilities are nearly overwhelming. Great game!

  • I have played this game so much, and loved it so much. This started my addiction (2006-2008).

  • A bit revisionist, I didn't play this until later on the PS3 but I love this game!

  • I loved the graphics in this game, everything looked so great, especially the fx. This was the first game that really made me think "this is next-gen gaming". Also great mechs, and enemies.

  • I didn't really play the first one, but I tried this and really enjoyed it. Simple and fun mechanics, cute nostalgia.

  • Still digging anything to do with Dawn of War. The (risk like) meta system was a cool enhancement to the normal build/destroy loop.

  • Super different game, cute and fun. Didn't get super deep into it, but it was worth playing for a while.

  • Really interesting game, and super frustrating/addictive.