Best of 2011

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  • Bethesda finally just knocked it out of the park. The world, the gameplay, the leveling, everything is so much better than previous games. Playing this on my HDTV through my PC at 1080p also helps:)

  • I couldn't believe how much fun I had playing this game (twice, once with Chestar, and once with Jake). So many crazy over the top moments and awesome music moments too (Kanye mission and the ending).

  • Talk about solids mechanics, amazing graphics, tons of content, and suprisingly good story. Really impressive and fun to play through with the crew.

  • I'm surprised how much I enjoyed the story of this, amazing. Also playing coop was a great new experience.

  • Loved this, great power fantasy, loved the floating.

  • Solid game, still great combat, though the world didn't feel nearly as interesting as Arkham Asylum, and they went in a bad direction with the Riddler stuff.

  • I don't think I've had more fun with a FPS in years. Loved the characters and the skill system. Shame it didn't get more love, coop, and better marketing.

  • Very different, the faces, the gameplay, it was an experience that I'll remember for a while. Like most Rockstar games though, went on a little too long.

  • I think the First Person melee combat in this game is some of the best (when enabling the advanced version in the options). Had a few great nights of coop with it too.

  • I loved the look, the narrative, and the combat of this game, it was really great.