Best of 2013

The best games I played in 2013, with a heavy weight on the most time played.

List items

  • I really liked Saints Row 3, I was amazed to see how great this follow up was. The story and context of the world unapologetically being "the matrix" worked so well. The loyalty missions were almost without exception amazing and really did some great character progression for your crew, I really cared about them, especially Kinzie. There were some moments near the end with a few songs that I'll never listen to again without thinking of this awesome game. The two story DLCs are some of the best story driven ones I've played, short, funny, and very meta. Saints Row 4 also runs in stark contrast to GTAV which also came out this year, I grew tired of constantly driving around in that game and got bored of the serious tone and lack of things to do, after about 10 hours of that game I stopped playing and went for a second coop playthrough of Saints Row 4 and never looked back, it's my favorite game of 2013!

  • This is the reason I got an Xbox One on launch. I've been a huge fan of the series and was worried how this was going to turn out do to the "streamlining" of the Dead Risingness. I ended up being extremely surprised with how solid and "next gen" this game feels. With all the crazy stuff happening in the world it's amazing how well the frame rate holds up. It looks great, the characters in the cutscenes look way better than they have any right to. I wasn't really that into the story until the end where they pulled out some amazing twists that really made a fan like me happy. Playing this game coop (when it works, thanks Xbone) is the most fun I've had this year. I've recorded 50+ clips of so much amazing crazy in this game. I'm excited for the DLC to play though the game again (even though I've already done it 4 times)...

  • I really enjoyed almost everything about this game. The combat felt solid, the powers were fun, and the setting was amazing. There were some very powerful moments in the story, and the ending blew my mind. It's a game I wish I could forget so I could experience the twists again in the future.

  • At this point I'm kind of burned out on Borderlands 2, but I played this with the coop crew so much, and had so much fun (400+ hours at this point) that it needs to be here, especially since all the DLC was new this year. We did all the DLC and had a great time with most of it, there was some really mediocre ones like Pirate's Booty and Hammerlock's Hunt, but Mr. Torgue was amazing and even though the main story missions in Tiny Tina's was a bit long and confusing the side missions and payoffs at the end were some of the best. Butt Stallion!

  • Chestar finally got me to give this game a real chance (though it took him sitting next to me and basically holding my hand for 2 hours). I'm a believer now, this game is a breath of fresh air in a world full of linear games with auto-saves, mini-maps, and objective markers. The sense of exploration and accomplishment one can get from this game are just amazing.

  • I love almost everything Platinum Games has done, and I've never really liked any Metal Gear games since MGS. This was a really weird one for me, but I ended up really digging the combat (though the cutting mechanic ended up feeling added on and never felt super integrated). The cutscenes and characters looked amazing and had some great animation. The story had some great crazy moments, it was my best does of Japanese crazy and I'm very glad I played it.

  • Ryker and I have kept up with Skylanders since the first. This game is here because it's amazing how much of a step up in quality this game is, gameplay, graphics, and metagame are the best the series has seen. We've had a great time with it and are working on a second playthrough now.

  • This is the first game that really made me feel great about purchasing a Wii U. It is an amazing mish-mash of all the best mario games. Playing this with the family has been great. It looks so clean, I love how "real" this game feels (for being in the mushroom kingdom).

  • Rayman Origins was one of my favorite games of 2011. I loved the style and how progressive the game felt as a platformer, especially compared to the Mario games at the time. Legends was another solid entry but it didn't stick with us nearly as much, I felt like most of the music and much of the game was forgettable compared to Origins, but it is still a really solid and fun coop platformer. Ryker really enjoyed playing as Murphy.

  • DmC was great, it came out super early in the year so I've forgotten much of it, but I loved the combat, super impressive visuals, and the story in general. Not quite Bayonetta but really fun.