Best of 2016

The games I played the most, loved the most, and talked about the most in 2016

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  • Rip and tear... This is the best shooter in ages, retro and new all at the same time. Simple design choices with health, ammo, and melee work together in masterful ways. Amazing story is probably the biggest surprise in a game full of them.

  • Wow what a game, what a launch, and what an amazing "world/community/fanbase" this game has created. From a game design point of view, I'm amazed at how effective changing the communicated metrics to a player changes the feel for a game. A shooter that doesn't show K/D crazy, but so important to how this game feels.

  • So many great moments, the beauty of game though is how it seamlessly constructed things so you would naturally discover these great moments. No UI is an amazing feat of design as well.

  • This was a cultural phenomenon, I got way into this with my wife and kids. The gameplay isn't deep, but the concept is so new and cool. Playing this game at Disneyland close to launch was so memorable, everyone was playing and having a great time. Battery packs with a cable to your phone held like a metal detector was the obvious sign.

  • This game does some many amazing things, you learn and live in this very clean world of pure clear puzzle mechanics... and then you see through the world, it is a puzzle too! Your mind is blown!

  • I have played so much Destiny, and enjoyed so much of it. My love for the game is slowing down though. Rise of Iron didn't last as long as the other expansions and Bungie announcing that Destiny 2 is going to wipe my progress really killed my investment in the game.

  • I love the concept of the game, such a cool change. Dudes hanging out on a road trip. The world seems vast, I hope I get around to getting deeper some day.

  • Amazing story, cinematics, and visuals, still don't love the combat and the climbing gets old.

  • Love the feel and look of this game, really impressive.

  • Best game I wish I played.