Best of 2018

More than any other year, 2018 was the year of Fortnite, in more ways than one. There were a huge amount of "big games" this year that I was amazed I ended up liking. I love Monster Hunter now? I love an Assassin's Creed game? I like Smash Brothers? All of these statements would have seemed insane to me a year ago, I've played previous versions of each of these before and they've never done it for me. Crazy thing this year too, I'm pretty sure I'm going to KEEP playing Fortnite, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Monster Hunter World into next year and beyond!

List items

  • I know it's weird, but nothing compares to this. I played this game "the most" enjoyed it "the most" and it is where my most memorable gaming moments with friends and family happened this year. It's an amazing game and I can't wait to see what it looks like next year!

  • No game that I can remember has expanded time and time again on what the game is (seriously had new system unlock after 30, 50, 80, 120 hours). There are so many cool systems and goals, the core loop of fighting and looting giant monsters is so satisfying. I'm a believer, hats off to you Capcom of simplifying and improving this amazing formula you've been working on over the years.

  • I've played many Assassin's Creed games in the past, they have always been technically impressive, but I've never fully got into them (though I did enjoy 2 for a while). I tried Origins last year, but couldn't get into it, the story and setting just didn't grab me. Odyssey grabbed me almost immediately, Kassandra is an amazing character and we've been on some many adventures and I can't wait to do more. They took this beautiful open world building, open and smoot traversal, and finally layered a cool RPG quest, loot, and combat system on top of all of it. So great!

  • This game is the best rogue-lite I've ever played. The controls and so perfectly tight you never feel angry at the game when you die (which you do a lot). The choices you as a player make are so interesting and combined with the puesdo-randomness of the level design and weapon drops it makes the game feel nearly endless with playability. This is a game I'll continue to play and enjoy for a long time. I owned my Switch for most of the year.

  • Such a refreshing take on turned based strategy. No randomness, figure out the best move with the information you have. It's up to you!

  • This game is beautiful and a work of art. The story is compelling, the gameplay is solid. I feel off in the middle of the year for some reason I can't remember. I hope to go back and finish next year.

  • Lightsaber music game? It's so chocolate and peanut butter for me. I loved it on PS4, and then I recently got it for my PC and discovered mods (custom songs for it) that's why it's on the list, incredible cutting blocks to your favorite songs and seeing what the community is making.

  • It's been many years since I've been into a driving game. One of the many reasons this game is here is because it is so much more than a driving game. So many cool things to do and chase (outside of just driving).

  • This game made VR real in away that nothing has since Resident Evil 7. This time though I could share it with my kids, they loved this tight platformer too, it's one of the first real platformers Ruby has ever finished. Such a great game by itself, with VR on top of it, it's amazing.

  • Got this for Ryker, started playing World of Light, I love it, such a cool mix of stat RPG + game nostalgia, and for the first time a REASON for me to play and enjoy Smash Brothers solo. Crazy!