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Even the perfect storm of relevance is no match for BJ's cheese-dipped sophomore slump. 0

Much of the time I spent with the third iteration of Machine Games’ revival of the Wolfenstein series was in a state of incredulous disappointment. From the user interface to the straight-to-video plot and bland cinematography, this game suffers a massive sophomore slump despite the entirety of the gaming public rooting for it’s success. The anti-Fascist message couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, and it turns out it was too good of a coincidence to be true. Judging ...

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Deck 13's semi-mecha souls-like is way better than you thought. 0

The Surge is exactly what it promised to be: a science fiction take on the Dark Souls-like trend of weighty third person action games inspired by the oddball dystopia of Rise of the Robots. The science fiction of The Surge is, at first, startlingly real with shocking near-future human exploitation set alongside monstrous machine-dominated production lines. What starts off as a clever Philip K Dick inspired tale of the deceived worker duped and then trashed as a defect slowly dissolves into some...

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Alone and an easy target. 0

The more time I spent on Prey’s Talos I space station, surrounded by technology and scientific wonders devastated by unspeakable horrors the less I wanted to leave. The gnarled bodies of the dead and suffering, the clicking of patiently waiting predators and the whirring automatons around me became a haven. In fact, I began to resent the game as the story began to draw it’s conclusions. I kept saying to myself “Why can’t I get a few more side-quests?” and “Sh...

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