Been a while

  It has been a long time since I did anything here, life has been busy, dramatic and all round just "life" really. I've still managed to get some gaming on over the last two months though so lets quickly go over them.
 Assassins Creed Brotherhood: A nice evolution from AC2, really enjoyed it and spent a good amount of time doing most things (other than hunting down flags, still boring)
 Enslaved: Very well done game even if some of the mechanics are not fully fleshed out or simplified. It should be experienced just to see the potential it had to be a really great game.
 Fallout New Vegas: Glitches, crashes, freezes etc. It is a shame that these all happen in a world and story that is far superior to that of Fallout 3.
 Call Of Duty Black Ops: I never play the COD games for the multiplayer but the single player in this was pretty well done. Only a couple of points in the game with the dreaded infinite spawning enemies and no grenade spam like before.
 Sly Cooper Collection: I've played through all of these games on the PS2, twice. However I enjoyed them so much I bought the games again. Not completely done but the style of the games really suits the HD world.
 Mass Effect 2: Being a PS3 owner I missed out on this last year. I just started my second play through to try the renegade side of things. It is a good thing I don't have to wait so ong for part 3.
 Sports Champions: I got this with the move pack as a present. Pretty good fun and far more accurate than the wii with motion plus. Bocce ball really is the highlight of the game.
  Quite a few games there but that is two months of my life. There's probably a few smaller ones I've forgotten including some on my iphone/ipod but just thought I should write something up here for a change.


I see racing lines

Been playing GT5 non stop since I have got it and enjoying the heck out of it. It is the closest I've seen to driving all these cars including several I've had the pleasure of driving in real life. You could argue about the dumb AI, the not all premium cars and other niggles but it is still the best driving/racing simulator out there. The feeling you get when you nail a perfect lap and see your new best is great, not to mention seeing how far behind you can leave some of your opponents with a correctly set up car (and I'm not talking about grossly overpowered mismatched cars here either) is extremely satisfying.
Being the slightly obsessive type I've been going for golds on everything I do so that has proven to be a complete bitch on some of the things. Some of the special events are very exacting in the time you need to get for gold and others (like the Sebastion Loeb Rally) are easy as pie. Still I'm finding so much to do and see and challenge myself with that I'll be playing this long in to next year when I know I have a glut of games coming to me for Christmas and have to find time for them (Black Ops, AC Brotherhood, New Vegas, Super Scribblenauts and a few others).
You really should ignore any of the nay sayers when it comes to this game, it really is the best at showing the joy of driving and racing.


Moxxi is a bitch

Finally grinded through the bore that is Mad Moxxi's larger tournaments and just as I finished my order of GT5 from amazon finally turned up (after being delayed due to "act of god") so I immediately cracked it open and installed it. It only took 30 minutes compared to the 1 hour plus some people reported which was nice. Maybe having over 180Gig of disk space free (I have an original 60Gig PS3 upgraded to 320Gig) so there was not too much disk thrashing.
Moving on to the game itself, once you start to poke around the menus there is an awful lot of content stuffed away in there. I've only had a couple of hours so will report more once I get a chance.


Chickened out on Crawmerax

Went up against Crawmerax solo a couple of times this week and finally had enough. A level 57 solider against a level 64 crawmerax is not a fair fight :-P . Moved on to the Claptrap DLC instead and ended up playing straight through it all day Saturday. The final battle was actually fair and fun unlike most of the bosses in Borderlands. In the original game they were either way too easy and could basically be shot whilst standing still or too strong and required hit and run tactics to avoid being slaughtered. This one however had a pattern of attacks that required different strategies to get through. It did suffer from the "shoot the big red glowing thing" syndrome though which made doing the most damage and killing it obvious.
I want to clean out all the missions in this DLC before I try Mad Moxxi. I may just do the split screen coop in that with one of my low level characters and my high level soldier since by all accounts that is the best way to grind through it solo without getting completely bored and frustrated.


Finally got some more Borderlands in

Had a rough work week where I had about 30 minutes to myself when I wasn't working/commuting so got no game time in at all (hence my motto up top).
Then this weekend I got through most of The Secret Armoury (yes I'm a Brit) of General Knoxx. There is quite a bit of content in there, possibly more content than you see in some full price games. The driving back and forth can get a bit repetitive after a while since the areas are basically one long road with bits at the end but it if very well put together. The only thing I think I have left to do is go defeat Crawmerax on my own (gulp) without using the glitch area.


Borderlands is fun (duh)

Downloaded all of the DLC for Borderlands this weekend and started playing through The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and more fun is being had. The change in setting is cool as well as the fact that 95% of the enemies charge at you since they have no weapons unlike the regular non undead enemies of Borderlands. It is more a case of trying to manage the horde coming at you rather than taking out enemies that have a direct shot at you and keeping behind cover.  For the moment I'm doing this on playthrough 1 which means the enemies are way underlevelled for my character so I'm tempted to just switch to playthrough 2 to try and balance it out a bit more.


Cleaned up all of Fallout 3

Been a little while since my last update but I finished everything I could in Fallout 3. Did Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. All good fun and got every trophy on the way through including the level 30 ones. All this is making me more eager to pick up New Vegas come Christmas time I think.
For now though since the patch for Borderlands level cap increase just went up I played that last night. Took my level 50 soldier almost to level 52 playing through more of playthrough 2. The re-balancing does seem to have increased the difficulty a bit since all enemies are now closer to my level rather than being slaughtered due to them being a fixed level. I think I will pick up the DLC packs now and spend some time with all that extra content.


Climbed out of The Pitt

Ok, done with The Pitt now. I can see why some people say they don't like this particular one, the story was a bit wishy washy but the environment to explore was interesting and I came out with a few more good bits of loot. In fact I had so much I wanted to bring out I ended up leaving some behind. Trying to carry twice you capacity out with you is not practical.
Oh, I did find that last ingot as well without resorting to a guide. Seems I missed one in a group of 3 in the middle of the radioactive barrels. However glitches did rear their head again with the no appearance of Wild Bill in the steelyard (or more likely from reading that his body fell through the roof of the building it is supposed to be on) which meant I couldn't do one of the small side quests.
Anyway, moving on to Broken Steel next which means I just have to finish off the very last bit of the main quest line and see what happens. Also since my character is pure evil I'll be trying for an ending where I kill as many people as possible.


More Fallout 3

Finished the Operation Anchorage DLC and had some fun with it. Went solo the whole way without bothering with the extra team of soldiers you can take with you on the last main quest. Lots of good loot at the end and that gauss rifle is freaking powerful. I could snipe away and one hit kill lots of the enemies.
Moved to the The Pitt and I'm not sure what people were complaining about with this one. I've had fun poking around for the steel ingots but am frustrated now since I only have 99 of the 100. From what I can see only one ingot is on it's own, the rest are in groups of two or more and I already have the single ingot so therefore I've missed one from a pile of ingots which is frustrating. Time to backtrack through all the locations and see if I missed one somewhere or have run in to a glitch and need to reload my save from before I entered the Pitt.


Bah my foolishness

Started on the Fallout 3 expansions last night. When playing Fallout 3 I had 3 characters, one evil, one good and one neutral. Somehow when playing my evil character I managed to overwrite my neutral character save file. Bugger as the saying goes.
Still, part way in to Operation Anchorage and pretty good so far. Ran in to my first super mutant overlord and damn those things have a lot of health compared to even the super mutant masters. Looks like these expansions might pose a bit more of a challenge than the content in the original game.

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