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Not as deep as I would have liked, but whats there is great 0

Mirror's Edge, is a first person platform for the PS3. It follows into the footsteps of games like Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider, except its all from the first person perspective this time. In many aspects the game is quite a bit like Breakdown, which had first person platforming as well, but with Mirror's Edge there is a much stronger focus on running and momentum and much less focus on fighting.When it comes to the basic gameplay, Mirror's Edge succeeds on most accounts. The running and jump...

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Great time mechanic, but a little low on the jump'run fun 0

The 2D graphics are pretty cool, Braid does some great things with particles, color and light that give it a very dynamic quality, haven't seen anything quite like it. Music is pretty good too. The story is far out in the weird artsy territory, every now and then it seemed to make a little sense, but then it lost me again. The story doesn't really have any impact on the gameplay, so its no big deal, but a little more coherence would have been nice. The way it is it leaves a bad "Now what was tha...

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Great use of the DS, good fun and a bad story 0

What I really liked about the game was that for the first time in a long while it felt like a full blown original game on the system. Most other games either boil down to simple puzzle mini-game stuff or cheap rip-off of titles from the big consoles. GTA:CW on the other side, while not 100% original, knows that its not running on a big console and doesn't try to emulate GTAIV. Instead it goes back to a more cartoony style of the original GTA PSone titles and for most part success quite well with...

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Not without faults, but overall an awesome and unique experience 0

The press and plenty of forum posts have been rather negative on the game and not completly without reason, but overall I think a lot of it was really overreacting and missing the point.The game puts you into the role of an assassins at the time of the crusade that has to kill a handful of evildoers spread out over a handful of cities, but all that happens with a twist. You are not actually the assassins, but just some guy who happens to be a descendant of said assassins relieving its memories t...

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Frustrating license garbage 1

Don't let yourself fool by the positive reviews, this game is the same garbage as many other license games, on top of that its an awfully frustrating experience. First of there would be the story or better lack there of. The game really doesn't connect to the Simpsons at all, instead you simply have a GTA clone featuring Simpson character. All your missions resolve around collecting stuff or driving trough checkpoints on a timelimit, so don't expect any puzzle solving or dialog that would actua...

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Fun for a while, but ultimativly pointless 0

The good thing about Aquila is that flying is as fun as ever. With the genre of flying games mostly gone, its good to see a game in that area and in large parts the game is enjoyable. The switching between plane mode and mech mode works nicely and is a nice addition and the other gameplay is also not that bad, even so a little primitive, since the flight physics are far from realistic and collision detection is also rather primitive. A lot of buttons on the XBox controller also go unused, whic...

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For most part the exact same game as four years ago on the PC, bu 0

Can the graphic hold up to a Half Life 2? Maybe not on a single screenshots, but if you take into account that OF:E's environments are gigantic while HL2 and most other FPS are limited to small corridors, it definitvly doesn't look so bad anymore, in fact when you get used to them they hold up quite well. Sure, the characters faces look a bit weird, but the very good voice acting and brilliant story lets you forget that very quickly. In addition to what the PC version had to offer in tems of gra...

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One nice trip to fantasy land 0

More or less by accident I came across Primal for Playstation2 and was pleasantly surprised. While doing a little cleanup I came across on old video game magazine that mentioned the game, never heard of it before, but it looked interesting and ratings seems to be ok'ish (80/100), so I bought it. The basic setup is quite a bit similar to The Longest Journey or Dreamfall, a normal girl from this dimension, gets sucked up into another one and go on and save the world, while being supported by a sma...

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Movie license game done almost right 0

Time for another little game review, this time it is Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie turn. Short summary, its a good game. It is not great and it is not another The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (i.e. awesome), but what the game does it does quite well. At the beginning of the game you arrive in the role as Jack on Skull island, things go a bit awry and you are left on the island to do some exploration. In terms of controls the game goes quite a minimal...

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World of BoreCraft 2

A week ago I decided it was time to look into what all those 10 million gamers are doing in the World of Warcraft. So I did create a 10 day trial account to try it out. One of the nice things about WoW is that it runs almost flawless in Linux, it doesn't provide native binaries, but Wine pretty much just works with it. No need to go hunt for cracks or anything, since it works out of the box, which is a pretty care thing these days, where even game demos are often boggled down by copy protection ...

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Lets play some shitty games... 0

If one believes the hype it is currently the second best PS3 game right after GTA4, clocking in at a shiny 94/100 on metacritic, but well, I don't trust reviews, so I played trough it myself (single-player campaign only, 'cause I don't do multiplayer).If there is one thing that Call of Duty 4 does really well it is giving a nice demonstration of all the things that are wrong with video games these days. The graphics and presentation is nicely polished for sure, but that doesn't help much here, s...

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Uncharted: There is a gun in my adventure soup... 0

Uncharted tries to be a mix of Tomb Raider with Gears of War shooting mechanics. Nothing wrong with it, since after all shooting was never Tomb Raiders strong point and Gears is pretty good at it. So what could go wrong...The core problem of Uncharted is that it is way more shooter then adventure game. It not only has those shooter sequences like Tomb Raider, but it has pretty much bad guys all over the place. If there are platforms to jump on, you can expect bad guys before that and after that ...

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GTA4 - Great start, weak middle, crappy ending 0

The first five to ten hours into the game I was pleasantly surprised by this game. This is was the first GTA I played seriously, mainly because it was the first that featured a main character that looked like a nice guy. In a world of crazy people, mafia, drug dealers and other organized crime he comes along as a reasonable guy and gives a good contrast to the crazy world out there. His cousin, which isn't part of that organized crime, but gets into conflicts with them every now and then also se...

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