My Favorite Game Hereos

This is the list of my favorite Game Heroes enjoy and please comment

List items

  • Smoking a cigar chewing bubble gum and killing aliens and bunch of other evil creatures is there really more to say? This guy deserves the top 1.

  • Kratos the God killer about mostly all the Gods know his name and have died by his name his is not to be underestimated!.

  • The most brave the most tatical and the best alien killer no wonder he lives up to his name.

  • One of the best assassin's to ever walk the earth.

  • The son of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft = one hell of a son.

  • He may seem all cute but when your not on his side I advise you not to get close to him or his mouth.

  • A excellent sword fighter and Zeldas favorite saviour.

  • With a ascent like a gun like that and a character like he is on this list.

  • A clone struggling to decide whether join The Darkside or other which will he. join?

  • A Bada$$ guy who fights demons with a smile on his face :D.

  • The Master of combat and coolness need I say more.

  • DK you cannot forget such a honorable guy or animal both I reckon and don't forgot he used to be Mario's nemesis but they now are their best friends I think.

  • Mamia! jumping over cannibal plants shooting fire balls from his hand and going toe to toe with Donkey Kong and Browser he deserves respect.

  • The most Bada$$ cop or retired cop you will ever meet hell even the Mafia are afraid of him.

  • Much like Wolverine Badass but A REAL FEROCIOUS ANIMAL

  • The fastest animal alive outmatching the sound barrier to pecies.

  • The skilled Ninja of them all and No he's name is ninja its Ninja Gaiden!.

  • From meeting the devil to becoming the world champion of Tekken.

  • Though not much is from this character you have to admire his oneliners BIIIAACHTT!

  • A robot some say is so annoying but to me he is soo funny and cute but wait until you meet his other side CL4P-TP you might not want to get close to.

  • He is a bad MUTHA don't make him mad or he will go BERSERK ON YOUR A$$.

  • The man know as the three eye agent has been trained by the top of the top and you don't want to betray this guy or he will come back to kill you even if he has to go threw hell to do it.

  • There have been many that kill zombies but this guy does it the best the only thing he needs is a pistol then there's no need to worry you better worry for the zombies because he has it all under control.

  • With a cross as a sword or I would call a crossword and killing hideous creatures plus much more evil you have to say this guy is a plain badass.

  • The man known as Shepard or Commander Shepard EVERY alien in the whole entire solar system know his him and respect it or some do but if they do respect it SO SHOULD YOU!.

  • This guy gets the job done even if its needing to go between hell and earth and killing the Doom monsters so if theres a monster from hell of some sort you know who you need.

  • Is a real serious killer and a real tough mutha killing with his Chainsaw Gun you which you will not want to mess with.

  • He may not be Altiar but after his training he sure makes a pretty damn good assassin.

  • Beating threw any or as many opponents it takes to become the KING OF FIGHTERS!.

  • May not look like much but destroying a whole evil organization of Super Soldiers solo and other impressive stuff Jack is the attack.

  • Jumping from ledge to ledge evading obstacles figuring out puzzles figthing gruesome creatures and humans he is the Prince Of Persia.

  • A badass outlaw who only needs a gun,lasso,horse and he's ready for anything from mexicans outlaws sheriffs and even ZOMBIES!.

  • If you pay him the right amount of money he wants he will get the job done even if he has to take 2 helicopters 5 jeeps with machine guns and 20 armed soilders to get to he's target he will take em DONE! with a grapple and a pistol sniper or whatever.

  • Killing tons of zombies to save he's daughters life with about using anything from a squirt gun to a wheelchair this man knows how to do it BEST! can't argue with that.

  • With him and he's trusty dog this man knows how to survive in the most harsh environments with mutants and other gross stuff out there reminds me alot of the legendary Mad Max.

  • A normal average unwealthy kid moved to empire city to become a infamous Mafia killer and member,with he's friend Joe together are unstoppable even sometimes by themselves Vito is the best hired man for the job to get it done,doesn't play around when doing he's job.Gets it done quick and fast and a pretty damn good shooter living to be one of the most memorable characters to ever live!.

  • Sonics dark rival,though he may be more of a Ant-Hero he is still heroic when it

    comes to saving the world from eggman or some villian like him he will be there

    to save the day.

  • Much to Kirby's disappointment he's not the only hungry eater out there,The yellow

    ghost eater with the boxing threw everyone obstacle and evil monsters everyone ghost hopes they never catch when he just ate a big Yellow orb.

  • The Master of everyone Street Fighter series defeating Akuma the Sinister fighter from M.Bison the god of all Street Fighter tournaments he is UNBEATABLE!.

  • Killing the hardest ghost and goblins there's to kill no task will be without no rish for Misty thats why he likes a little or lott of challenge even if he has to take on the devil.

  • The most tasty and delicious of them all rescue the damsel in distress from the evil even if it takes him a 10000000 tries to do it.

  • Though he may be silent his brawns and brains do the talking

  • From a nerd to a Anti-Hero this man has gone a long way of a Nobody to a Somebody to respect and hopefully not get sliced in half with like the fool Destroyman

  • Why should I even say why he is here he's FUCKING CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS BITCH!

  • A 100% all American and 100% badazz that not even M.Bison will not dare fight again