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Mind blowing! as if blowing everything in the game wasn't enough 0

When I first downloaded the demo on live I wasn't quite sure this game would made my cut, but after I rented it I knew I had to buy. As most of you know the battlefield series stands out for its multilayer faction of the game. BF Bad Company changes that totally, as you find yourself on a true single-player campaign as opposed to previous installments. You are part of the B company. The B company is where all the army renegades if you will, are sent to deal with hence the name Bad Company. You...

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Best in series?, yes but expected a bit more 1

Apart from all the things already said by many of the reviewers out, this game just rocks.Nintendo threw in some new characters, yes Snake is in the game as well as Sonic but I hoped more new characters were introduced not in the form of clones that is. Not satisfied by the roster Nintendo launched with the game different modes, Master Pieces being one of them. In the master piece part of the game it will let you try out a few of the games available from Nintendo via the shop, although the maste...

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Back to basics 0

When i first hear Mario Kart was coming to the Wii I felt a bit strange since I didn't like Mario Kart Double Dash as much as I like Mario Kart DS, if you ask me; I'm all into the one character per Kart gameplay, so at first with the GC installment I was kind of shocked. Now I can safely say Nintendo has gone back to basics with this game, you once again see one character per kart but you can choose different Karts, also Mario kart Wii has the biggest grid I've seen, 12 karts go head to head to...

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