Best Games of 2019

2019 GOTY. (Max: 30)

PS: I don't own a Switch yet.

Still want to play: DMC5, Gears 5, A Plague Tale and Bloodstained.

List items

  • Maybe the hardest game I've ever beat, with one of the most satisfying combat systems, perfect controls. It has some of the best and most satisfying moments in videogames.

  • The best Battle Royale game out there, so innovative.

  • The craziest and most confusing game of recent times, but I loved it. So much style with some amazing moments.

  • So underrated, it's so much more complete than the first one. It came out too early in the year so people kept dismissing it, the best of it's genre.

  • One of the best remakes of all time. It could've been even better if the separation of the two stories was less repetitive.

  • One of the five best Call of Duty of all time.

  • The best indie game of the year, so stylish with awesome controls.

  • A good mixture of games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Borderlands.

  • Technical issues and the protagonist being the least interesting of the cast is what keeps this game of being the best Star Wars games ever. Everything else is amazing.

  • A series that became underrated after the first season. Despite a not very good season 3, this one gives it a proper sendoff.

  • The best version of the new genre created in 2019, Autobattlers.

  • Since I first saw this game I knew I would love it, and I did, when I first started playing it, but it kind of burned me out after I finally beat it. The desire to do more runs stopped making sense after the credits.

  • I love the fact that this game exists, it combines two things I loved in the GBA (Advance Wars and Fire Emblem), I just couldn't love as much as I thought, despite it being great.

  • I get it why people love this game, it has some amazing moments, I went to some places that I shouldn't in the beginning, the space is vast and intimidating. I got scared, my heart was racing, I was intrigued and amazed, but it faded out before I got to the meat of it. After about 8 hours I was tired of the time loop, so many times it ended in the near end of my exploration in a specific area. The same thing happened to me in 2016, with The Witness, I get why people love it, I just can't get into games that make you feel directionless. The same thing happened when I tried the first Dark Souls (I quit after 12ish hours, for being tired of feeling lost). The only exception was Breath of the Wild, which is one of my favorite games ever.

  • This game has one of the highest levels of creativity I've seen in some time. So satisfying.

  • The game that created a genre and dominated steam for about two months.

  • My expectations for this game were rock bottom, and it's actually pretty good, I had a blast with the stylish action combat.

  • Do you love this game? I can see why. But for me, it bugged out three times, the third of those making me have to go back for about 20-30 minutes.

  • A great callback to Streets of Rage and Final Fight

  • An amazing combination of Contra 3 and Metal Slug. A hidden gem of the year.

  • I started this game loving it, but by the end, I was so disappointed that they couldn't stick the landing in all the ideas. Especially the RPG elements with level-scaling, that frustrated me a lot.

  • Valve kind of dropped the ball after putting out their own version. The original creators wanted to be independent, Valve kept the models but changed the rest. It was the slowest one to put some quality of life things, it had the worst balance and the longest game time.

  • I think this game was not that good when it comes to level design. The soundtrack and style make it a good game.

  • I get really frustrated when games force some things to make the player uncomfortable in ways to add to the difficulty. For me, this games try to do too much with all the resources management, instead of just simplify by reducing the number of things and don't make the player go out of bullets so many times and not feel rewarded for being good at shooting.

  • This is not really a game, it's more of a visual-interactive music album, where you have to press buttons at the right time and move your character side-to-side while you watch and listen to the presentation.

  • Better than what could've been, but it's still a game that does a loop that other games did it better 10 years ago. The shooting is satisfying and the hordes well done.

  • You need to put dozens of hours in this game to make it enjoyable, it's so complex. The only thing I really enjoyed is the soundtrack.

  • I didn't enjoy the loop of the game.

  • The most overrated game of the year. The only great thing is a dedicated honk button.

  • This game sucks and I've played SO MUCH of it. Thank god I'm out now.