My 5 Disappointments of E3 2019

The 5 things that disappointed me the most, in this year's E3.

Honorable mentions: Ori, Shenmue 3 and Animal Crossing being delayed.

List items

  • Their presentation was very underwhelming and every feedback coming from people that played the demo is negative.

  • Last year's trailer was way better than this one. They showed absolutely nothing, they could've just skipped the show. I think this game has potential since I feel the first one came up short in some aspects despite the good foundation, so they had a big opportunity to seize that.

  • That's where people will get Splinter Cell? That's underwhelming

  • Bethesda is obsessed with mobile.

  • I don't know, the game just left me a bit afraid of not being as good as I wish. The protagonist didn't strike me that positively, as well as some faces, like the Wookies'. I hope the dialogue isn't as corny as some part of the trailer seemed to be.

  • (Honorable Mention)

    I think they went for numbers when it comes to games. Just trying to give us the most games possible, while the big majority of them were just trailers and teasers, with not many gameplay or answers.

    And they went very safe with all the X-Cloud and Scarlet parts of it.

    I still think it was the second best conference, and the Game Pass package was phenomenal.