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    2003 / GBA / Strategy-RPG

    I came late to the Fire Emblem franchise and decided to start with the first one, even more than a decade later. And I was really impressed by how it's still an amazing game that holds up well.

    The character diversity is really well made, I can't remember any other franchise with as many types of combinations for characters, classes, and their weapons, that still feel balanced for the grand majority of it. I liked how they split the story mode, and how they made the presentation, moving from chapter to chapter and having dialogues in between to tell the story. I thought it was really well written, but the plot overall was just fine.

    Where the games shine the most is in the gameplay department, the tactical depth of the combat. Being turn-based on a grid-system, having a rock-paper-scissors type of strength and weakness. For melee combat is Sword-Spear-Axe, forming a triangle for the player to decide who to use against each opponent. The magic system also has its own type of triangle system of advantages.

    The part of the game that it hooked me, was with the leveling system. Each character earns experience by attacking an opponent, the more damage it deals, the more experience it gets. When you get to a certain level you can upgrade that characters class to a stronger version of it, but you need a specific item to do so, based on the type of class of said character. The longer you wait to upgrade it, the higher of a cap his stats can hit, because when you do it, it's class level is back at 1, but his stats just keep going up.

    Another big part of the franchise is that it's a permadeath game if a character dies, that person is dead and the story moves on. Unless the protagonist dies, then it's Game Over. It's possible to restart the chapter any time if the player wants to have a no death run through the game, but it's really hard.

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    2009 / PC / FPS

    *Including DLC's*

    Borderlands has so much character to it, it was not like any other game, at the time it came out. It nailed weird humor that most games couldn't do in the past while putting RPG elements with a Diablo-like loot system on a first-person shooter game.

    You had a few different characters to choose from, and personalize them with different items, having different builds. But the hook of the game is the number of quests and the unique look of Pandora, the world you are in, as well as all the living creatures you can find.

    You'll come across a huge amount of loot in your travels, though most are good just for you to sell to one of the many vending machines. But you'll continually look at all the stats and be intrigued any time you find something that might help you.

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    2015 / PC / WRPG

    I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this game after I've played Divinity: Original Sin and thought this wouldn't be as good. The fact that you can have a bigger party (6 members) goes so well with the battle system being the pause/slow type, instead of turned based, what would've become really slow with that many characters on a single fight.

    I enjoyed the story progression, despite not stopping to read every single dialogue in the game. But the sense of discovery is really good, plus the Stronghold concept, of you creating a new realm, while trying to rule it and recover/upgrade it to a big home base for your party and others.

    The only problem I had with the game was the difficulty spike towards the last 20% of the game when you decide to start your travel to the last city of the game, you have to go through a really hard road, having some absurdly tough battles. And as the cherry on top of it, the last boss is almost impossible to kill on your first try. But still, I really enjoyed the game and I really recommend it to RPG fans.

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    2020 / PC / Metroidvania

    The second Ori game is so good that even some technical problems didn't diminish the experience. It's an example of how a Metroidvania game should be done. It nails everything that it's going for, exploration, platforming, controls, variety of skills and upgrades, secrets to find, talent customization, and one of the best presentations for a game this generation.

    It's beyond gorgeous, and it has killer music and sound effects. It's amazing! The difficulty is perfect as well, going on a really nice curve, without ever being a cakewalk. I just wish more people gave this game a chance because it deserves it.

    The story is very touching and well represented with a unique style. The world feels so real, it's just incredible.

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    1997 / PSOne / Metroidvania

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was the first game of the series to move on from a linear action-platformer to a more exploration-based style of game. Similar to what we got from Super Metroid, having a lot of backtracking, making you open a new path each time you got a new ability/upgrade, becoming the genre we know now as Metroidvania(the combination of the two names).

    In this game, you play as Alucard, the son of Dracula. It's a direct sequel to Rondo of Blood, the first level of this game is the final boss fight of the previous game. The player controls Richter Belmont to defeat Dracula, then the game really starts. The intro is that Richter mysteriously disappeared and at the same time, Castlevania (Dracula's castle) has appeared once again, so Maria believes these two things are related. Plus, Alucard wakes up.

    As Alucard, you enter the castle and start exploring, looking for answers, and the whole game takes place inside the castle, managing to still have great environments and twists for you to discover.

    My favorite thing about the game is how they implemented an RPG system to it, Alucard has equipment (sword, shield, clothes, etc..), as well as a level. You gain XP by defeating enemies, getting stronger each time. Throughout the game you'll also discover spells and transformations, making Alucard may be the most versatile protagonist ever, in a video game. You always feel powerful without looking like you're breaking the game or anything like that. The controls are so tight, and his animations great to watch.

    The game deserves all the praise it gets for being one of the greatest games ever made.

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    2000 / PSone / JRPG

    I always thought that Digimon was an underrated series, living in the shadow of Pokémon, especially the first season of the anime. But the PSone games were also pretty cool if you are a JRPG fan and liked the universe of the franchise. I remember playing this game with a lot of my friends, something like 8 kids sitting on the couch, chatting while we passed the control around for each battle. It was the main option in our summer house when it was raining.

    The game didn't age as well because of the very slow pace, getting in and out of battle takes forever. But at the time I really enjoyed it, and as a kid, you have the time to grind, so that was not really an issue.

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    1997 / PSOne / Sim

    Another game that I beat more times then I can remember, it's Ace Combat 2. It was amazing to see at the time it came out, the graphics looked just incredible, and the controls felt so good, it was the first time I felt like I was really controlling an airplane in a video game.

    One of the most played games in my friend's group and for sure a must-own for any PSone gamers out there, so many good memories and a game that makes people learn it, the controls, the planes, etc.

    Has a really cool system of you buying new and better planes, maybe at the cost of selling your old ones, or if you are a collector and want to hold to them all, you need to go a little deeper to find all the money to sustain it. Really great.

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    1991 / SNES / Hack 'n Slash

    The King of Dragons was one of the first games I played in my life with a fantasy setting, which is my favorite setting in video games. The possibility of the player picking 5 different characters, each having a different class, was amazing to me at the time. I loved it so much and kept trying to find what the best character was so I can beat the game. I was never able to do it until a couple of years ago, the game is really hard. What's a common thing for games of that time that also made to the arcades and you had to keep putting coins to have more continues.

    I was a big fan of the progression system. You'll find throughout the game a level up for your main weapon and off-hand weapons, like sword and shield. Making it better and have a different look each time. I was really impressed by that. The game is also a great couch co-op experience, with a good amount of replayability having the five different classes to choose from.

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    2006 / PS2 / Rhythm

    The Guitar Hero franchise took over my neighborhood for a couple of years, it was all that people were playing at the place we used to rent games. And Guitar Hero 2 had my favorite songs of the series and it came out on one of the weakest years in video game history, in my opinion. No really big game to take the world by storm, it was just a gap for smaller games to come in, and I spent most of my time playing Guitar Hero 2, trying to perfect the songs that I loved and becoming really a fan of the series.

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    2005 / PC / Shooter

    The real Battlefront 2, the good one, the one everybody loved. Why? Well, at the time, nobody imagines that would be that much fun to play as a trooper on an all-out warfare type gameplay, just like a Battlefield game, with that sense of scale, with the Star Wars license. How can people not love that? (If you are a normal person and like star wars)

    This game gave us a true feeling of getting immersed in the Star Wars universe, because it tied all elements that came before it, on other games that were focused on just one area of the series. This one had on foot combat, vehicle combat, tie fighter wars, heroes and villains. It was amazing to see and imagine what this could become on the years to come, what actually didn't happen. They didn't manage to follow up this type of game for many many years, and when they finally tried, it was quite disappointing.

    The game had different multiplayer modes, a great single player campaign, a lot of variety for its time. It's a game to remember.

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    2014 / PC / WRPG

    South Park is not a very well done video game RPG, but also, it's like a season of the show, and it probably would be my favorite if, in fact, it was that. I remember having a blast of fun with this game, laughing really hard in some parts and being amazed by how crazy they went with it.

    It has amazing gameplay, with a balanced system, enough customization, and a bunch of different quests for you to do while exploring the South Park world. Most people were skeptical about it, but if you're an RPG fan, you should try it.

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    2017 / PC / FPS

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus might be the game with the most memorable-amazingly-crazy moments in video game history. For everybody that played it, it'll forever be remembered by the directions it went, the shocking choices and crazy over-the-top ideas that nobody could've seen coming. The characters are some of the most well acted and written ever, their dialogues and interactions throughout the game are a masterpiece of a work, it should be a standard for other games to learn from.

    So, with all that praise, it sounds like it should be on my top 10 right? Well, the gameplay is doo-doo. You should absolutely play this game on easy and you'll still die a whole bunch of times, most of which not knowing how and why. I said it a bunch of times, and Brad, as well as others, said it during the Bombcast, if this game has the shooting and smoothness - gameplay wise - of DOOM or some high mark FPS game, it would be the greatest game ever made, probably. I would still recommend it to everybody that likes some craziness, as well as killing Nazis.

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    2013 / PC / Adventure

    The Wolf Among Us was the game that I went to play after loving the first season of The Walking Dead (Telltale) so much, it really impressed me. I had no idea what the story was about and quickly became one of my favorites, with some amazing characters, nice twists and really well-written.

    I wish we had seen the season 2 of this game, and maybe even more then that, I loved the world (it's from a comic book called Fables, where the game is a prequel to it) and I wish it could be explored more in depth.

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    2010 / PC / FPS

    The most complete Battlefield game ever made, this game started the revolution of building destruction in the series, it had the best and most balanced maps of any Battlefield multiplayer.

    The customization system and weapon variety weren't that huge compared to the COD games of the time, but they were great, not overly simplified or overly complex.

    My problems with the games that came out after this one (3 and 4) were how overpowered vehicles became, so going back to Bad Company 2 was even more satisfying as a player that enjoys pure gunfights.

    The singleplayer campaign, despite never being a strength in the franchise, was much better than everyone expected. The game looks amazing, the details of the grass, sandstorms, dust coming out of destroyed buildings, all of it was really beautiful for the time it came out.

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    2000 / PSOne / Survival-Horror

    Dino Crisis 2 was my Resident Evil 2. I loved this game, it had more shooting and last jump scares compared to the RE series, that I also loved but was always uncomfortable while playing. I beat this game like 5+ times when it came out, it was a quick and fun time for any Capcom fans out there (maybe Jurassic Park fans as well).

    I couldn't get into this games predecessor as well, not sure why, but ended up liking this one way more. I'm dying to see Capcom remake this with the RE2 treatment, so I can beat a couple more times.

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    2014 / PC / Adventure

    After Telltale surprised me once again with The Wolf Among Us, I went to this game, having played a bunch of the Borderlands games already. And boy I love this game. The intro scene for the second episode of the game is one of the best moments in video game history, I remember being paralyzed with my mouth open for minutes seeing how they edited that. It's just perfect!

    It covers a part of the main Borderlands games' story, how the things are going after Handsome Jack died (sorry if you still want to play Borderlands 2), you play as a duo of very distinct characters that need to get along to get things done.

    The game has some really high highs, but some parts that are just ok. If it was as consistent as the previously mentioned game, it could be much higher on the ranking of great adventure games ever made. I had a blast playing through it, and I would easily recommend for any video game fan out there.

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    2009 / PC / Action-Adventure

    I'm a big Batman fan, but I seem to not be as high on this game as other fans out there. It might be because when I came around to play it, everybody had already played it and it was talking about how amazing it was, and it's one of the greatest action games of all time and all that.

    But all these things aside, I still had an amazing time with this game, it was really fun to go through it. Like most people, I don't love just Batman, but I also love the Joker, and he was superb in this game as well. My down points of the game were the Scarecrow sequences and a couple of the boss fights, especially the last one.

    The game is still in a high spot on my overall favorites, considering the number of games I've already played in my life, it was one of the best superhero games ever made, what's a hard task to accomplish.

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    2011 / PC / Puzzle

    I once said Portal 2 is overrated, and people reacted like "What? Portal 2 is amazing!". Yes! It's amazing! It just isn't better than the first one, neither it's on my top 10 games of all time like it seems to be on everyone's'. It's still a great game, one of the best puzzle games out there, I just like the simplicity and originality of the first one. After playing that, you expect what you'll get from the second, it will not be that big of a shock for it to be great. And I think this kind of game benefits from being a short experience, and the second one is twice as long, with some parts I wasn't having as much fun.

    I love how the trajectory of the puzzles are done, they keep using the difficulty just a little bit at a time, making it scale into some amazingly well-done puzzles. I loved the last boss battle also, it was a good surprise, and really well designed. People should play this game if they want more after the first one, despite not being as perfect as its predecessor, it's still amazing.

    A lot of people say that playing co-op is even better, I didn't get the opportunity to get that much into it, maybe I can try again someday.

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    1991 / SNES / Hack 'n Slash

    Knights of the Round is one of the many great side-scrolling brawlers released by Capcom in that era. Just like King of Dragons, what grabbed me about this game was its setting, it's a medieval type setting, involving characters like King Arthur and Lancelot. Couldn't go wrong with that one.

    I love how beautiful this game is for the time it came out, the player earned experience points by killing enemies or grabbing some dropped treasure, and each time the character hit a certain mark, it levels up. After a few levels, the character changed its design, earning a full set of armor, or improving the one it already had. Sometimes changing the design of its weapon as well, it was really awesome to see that as a kid.

    I had a blast play this co-op with my friends and it was a very difficult game. I came around to beating it at a later date, on an emulator, but it always was one of the best games in the genre for me.

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    2014 / Wii U / Racing

    Mario Kart 8 is the perfect modernization of the kart racing genre. I didn't love the other Mario Kart games as much as the very first one, but this game is just too good, it looks impeccable, it's what everybody dreamed of when playing that first game.

    They brought back some of the best courses from the franchise, as well as the battle mode. One of the games that everybody should play at least once with friends.

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    2017 / PC / Shooter

    PUBG was one of the biggest phenomenons in video game history when it first came out. It was, at the same time, dominating the world as well as being very divisive, by its lack of polish and buggy disasters.

    I was kind of in the middle of it all, I played for about 150 hours, but I was also mad with how the game was at that current state. So sometimes I would rather not play it to not get mad or something, especially if none of my friends were online. Then later it became my "tv show" when I would grab something to eat, instead of going to Netflix, I started to watch PUBG clips and streams. It's really fun, when you're not the one sweating knowing you can get sniped at any point, or when a game-breaking bug flicks your car into the air.

    Independent of what the game itself should be remembered as, PUBG was just a huge mark in video game culture that I was in the middle of, and that was pretty awesome to see it unfold.

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    1998 / PSOne / Fighting

    This is my favorite fighting game of all time, it took what the first two tries did (X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Street Fighter) to the next level, taking the assist system as a mechanic and running away with it.

    I'm not a big fighting game person, but I like the first game over the second for being 2v2 instead of 3v3, and also it was the first of the two that I played, so it became my preferable system.

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    2012 / PC / Immersive-Sim

    One of the best stealth games I've ever played, with amazing world-building and top-notch style. Some great characters with great moments and dialogue, the story keeps the player interested, with plot twists and intriguing encounters.

    Plus, the game is clearly inspired by Bioshock, which is one of my favorite games ever.

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    2016 / PC / Strategy

    I've never played the Total War Saga for more than like an hour until I got a code for this game, two weeks later I had 50 hours played. I love the fantasy setting, every universe with Orcs, Dwarfs and sword fights, I'm down for. But I wasn't expecting to get as hook as I did in the campaigns of this game.

    One of my favorite strategy games ever. Now I keep wishing to play the rest of the franchise, one day I'll get that done.

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    1993 / GC / Platformer

    Super Mario Land 2 is one of the most impressive games ever made when it comes to time and place. They basically made a "not that far off" version of Super Mario World, for the Game Boy, with 6 worlds that you can beat in any order that you want, and have some of the most variety and creativity in the Mario franchise up to that point.

    The game goes beyond the limits of the Game Boy, it's hard to believe such a marvelous game was on such a small old console.

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    2017 / PC / Metroidvania

    Steamworld Dig 2 greatly improves on the first game. It's a newcomer-friendly Metroidvania with tons of exploration, amazing art style, and great music. For any fans of 2D action-platformers, I would highly recommend giving this game a try.

    You follow the journey of Dot, in search for Rusty, the main character from the first game, who is missing for some time. The loop is to dig down, find different types of ore, sell them back in town, to help the town evolve, and use the money you get for buying upgrades. Then there's the other part that is finding new upgrades/abilities hidden in caves through your journey, opening new opportunities to traverse (the Metroidvania part).

    The game has incredible balance, you always feel the fast-travel points and the upgrades come right at the time that it was needed. Don't sleep on this gem.

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    2016 / PC / Souls

    The first Souls Game I've managed to finish at the time, opening the door for all the other ones. I've lot this style of games, with Metroidvania elements and some souls elements, with incredible boss fights (as previously seen on my list Dead Cells and Hollow Knight).

    This game has a ton of customization for the build of your character, making it highly replayable, what it's really attractive. It's an easy recommendation to make for anyone that loves a good game with a good challenge.

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    2017 / PC / Adventure

    Night in the Woods is a coming of age adventure that makes the player reflect about some things, as well as travel on a very personal journey that it's hard to forget. One of the most memorable casts of characters from the last generation.

    The game is charming and has some of the best soundtracks ever, in my opinion. Some great moments, both from gameplay and story, with some minigames and amazing dialogue. The game has some mystery and one of the best "game inside a game" games ever, in your character's PC.

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    2007 / PS2 / Hack 'n Slash

    Before Kratos' adventure on the PS4, his greatest one was his second. A late PS2 game that looked as good as any other game in the console. It took a solid first entry to the next level, more fluid and polished, with improved gameplay.

    The game came out late in the PS2 lifespan, but that made it possible for it to become of the landmarks for the console.

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    1998 / PSOne / Sports

    In an era that we used to have so many great tennis video games to play, Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis came before most of them it was the best ever made. I loved how precise and fair the controls were, at least for its time. I and my friends played dozens of hours of multiplayer, always trying to learn our tennis skills.

    I found it curious by how much tennis video games have an appeal on not just me, but it seems a lot of people out there love to play them. While not being a fan of the sport or anything like that, it just has an "easy to grasp" thing about it.

    I went on to play all the subsequent games from the genre, going from Virtua Tennis and Top Spin, to even the Mario Tennis games, and had a blast with a bunch of them, but none of them was as good as this game.

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    2004 / PS2 / Racing

    At the time this game came out, it had the best career mode ever for a racing game. With a contract system that made the player seek better opportunities.

    All the traditional companies and racers were in this game, it looked great and the controls are as good as it could be in the genre.

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    2014 / PC / Adventure

    I love this game almost as much as the first one, they were neck and neck to me when I was playing it. I can't understand people loving the first and not caring for this one, I truly can't. I gave the Clementine story a fair shot and was not disappointed by it. Telltale at it's finest.

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    2018 / PC / Roguelike

    Into the Breach is not only one of the best roguelikes ever made but one of the best strategy games I've ever played. It's a top-notch indie game and one of those fresh games that everyone should try. Once you get it, it becomes really adictive.

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    2015 / PC / Metroidvania

    The first Ori was a delightful surprise when it came out, one of the most beautiful games of 2015 and with one of the best soundtracks. The gameplay was amazing despite a few minor gripes I have with some of the controls.

    It's one of those games that more people should give it a fair shot, at least just for the incredible presentation.

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    2005 / PC / FPS

    *Including Modern Combat*

    I remember playing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the first time, on the PS2. And thinking that was the coolest FPS campaign ever, or at least since Half-Life. I was really impressed with the graphics and presentation at the time, as well as the presentation for more of a modern take on war.

    Later I got Battlefield 2 for my PC and played multiplayer for dozens and dozens of hours, loving the size of the matches and how much variety it presented the player. Despite always hating the vehicles, until this day, I still rather play a shooter without tanks and planes.

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    1995 / SNES / Sports

    One of the first games I owned on my SNES, probably the game that I played the most hours on that console also. A very remarkable play-by-play commentator that I and my friends remember his lines till this day. The soccer game that stuck with me the most.

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    2011 / PC / Adventure

    A little indie game with minimal gameplay, very emotional, completely focused on the storytelling. The only videogame that ever made me cry, what else can I say about it? I just love it.

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    2019 / PC / Action-Adventure

    Control is a very ambitious game that creates an intriguing world that makes the player want to unravel all its mysteries, with lots of questions about what's really going on.

    The combat is one of the best 3rd-person shooter combats I've ever seen, it's so satisfying to use the telekinesis abilities and destroy the environment, Control looks beautiful and it plays really well. The only problem is the horrible loading screens. But I still loved it, one of the best games from 2019.

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    2010 / PC / Platformer

    One of the hardest games I've ever beat, but with perfect controls. So rewarding to get through it, it was a huge deal for indie games at the time. It kind of popularized a new type of platforming genre, with instant respawns and brutal difficulty.

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    2015 / Wii U / Shooter

    Splatoon is just fresh, it's the freshest game there is, it's just so new, there's nothing like it. I have so much respect for a game that just wants to try something different that focuses 100% on the fun aspect. Splatoon is a game that deserves really high praise for everything that it was going for, and it was a big success.

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    2020 / PS4 / Action-Adventure

    Ghost of Tsushima is a game full of ups and downs, there are things I think the game does really well, and other things I think it drops the ball. But the game is very impressive, and the immersion on its open-world is really remarkable.

    I think the combat is very fun in the middle, but it has a slow start and becomes repetitive towards the end, with the stealth being kind of just ok. I loved Jin and his allies, all of the cast of characters have unique personalities and great story arcs.

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    2020 / PC / JRPG

    I don't think I've ever played such a good and elaborated single-player free-to-play game. When I first saw the images of Genshin Impact I thought it might be my style, but when I saw it would be free, it turned me off because I thought it would be full of BS. But no, this game is amazing!

    They managed to implement free-to-play mechanics in a great open-world with tons of things to do, and a surprisingly near-infinite amount of content without you having to spend a dime. Every system is well implemented to make an incredible experience, and easy to recommend since it has no prime barrier to entry.

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    2009 / PS3 / Action-Adventure

    I didn't think the second Uncharted was a 10 out a 10 game as a lot of people did, but I still think it was incredible, I loved the action moments and all the banter between the characters, truly a mark in videogames when it comes to action sequences and cinematic shots.

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    2009 / PC / Action-Adventure

    After being kind of bored by the first game, AC2 did a really good job of keeping the player intrigued by its story and gameplay loop. The game has one of the most intriguing endings I can remember, and it really improved the gameplay looped from the first one. It's one of the best in the franchise.

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    2017 / PC / Fighting

    My favorite 3D fighting game ever, with one of, if not THE best story in a campaign of a fighting game. I'm a huge fan of how this game balances its seriousness with the over the top parts, combining that with near-perfect gameplay and visual.

    Plus, it's the fighting game with the highest amount of customization out there, at least at the time it came out, it was unthinkable how much stuff there is.

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    2020 / PC / Roguelike

    Monster Train combines roguelike, deck building, and tower defense. The game is one of those addicting roguelikes that nail what they're going for, making a loop that each run gives the player a chance and doesn't make the defeat so downing that the player wants to quit the game. It's one of those games that you think you're gonna play for 30 minutes and 3 hours go by without you realizing it.

    More people should play Monster Train!

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    2007 / PC / WRPG

    The first Mass Effect can be rough to go back to, but story-telling and world-building wise the game was a perfect introduction for what would become one of the best trilogies in videogame history. The dialogue was the best of its time, the characters were so easy to get attached with.

    I wouldn't recommend anybody to skip this game just by hearing how good the second game is, this deserves its shine. The game has limited movement and shooting for 3rd-person cover-based combat, compared to games that were coming out at the time, but Mass Effect is first and foremost an RPG game, the game is not trying to be a polished action game that has perfect 3rd-person shooting mechanics, it's just one element of combat representation.

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    2008 / PC / Action-Platformer

    Truly a remarkable comeback to classic Mega Man. I didn't expect to enjoy this game as much as I did, despite being a big fan of Mega Man 3. It might be the best traditional Mega Man to play today, and I give huge props do Capcom to bringing the series back.

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    2020 / PC / FPS

    I feel like Doom Eternal came out and people quickly forgot how amazing it is. It's just one of the best single-player FPS games of the generation, it's just incredible. The way it mashes style, gore, and music with the fast-paced gameplay is just perfectly done.

    It'll end up in one of those situations of a sequel that improves on its predecessor, but it's not considered a better game because it already has the groundwork of the first game, becoming not as big of a surprise as Doom 2016 was. But it's still one hell of an action game.

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    1999 / PC / Strategy

    In my town, every time you had a problem with your PC, and you had to send it to a store so someone could fix it, they would send you back with a package of games installed. And one of these games was Age of Empires 2.

    I was a simple guy, I see some medieval sh*t, I'm buying it. So the PC came back with games installed and one of them had a logo that was a helmet of a Knight? I'm in.

    That's how I became a fan of the franchise, it was so intriguing to play what was supposed to be different historical moments in different eras of society.

    I was never that good on strategy games, but I never really cared. I had so much fun making gigantic armies, after hours of preparation and finalizing with an enormous clash between the two sides. It was one of my favorite feelings in video games.

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    2003 / PS2 / Hack 'n Slash

    I played this game so much, as a LOTR fan, it was amazing. The recreation of the epic moments from the movie felt so good. So much nostalgia and appreciation for the PS2 LOTR games.

  • #150

    2018 / PC / Fighting

    The fighting game that made me spend the most time in a practice room I've ever done. And the only fighting game I've ever played online against other people (competitively).

    All of that while being one of the most beautiful 2D games ever made, it's just breathtaking.

  • #151

    2010 / PC / Immersive-Sim

    *Including DLC*

    Even tho the second game is the weakest of the three Bioshock games, it's still a 9+. The game has such great moments and improves on some mechanics of the first one, while also giving another perspective on the story of Rapture.

  • #153

    2004 / PS2 / Hack 'n Slash

    One of the games that I've most beaten in my whole life. I might have played through this about 10 times, it was not that long, but so much fun, I love these types of medieval settings with epic battles.

  • #154

    2016 / PC / FPS

    Titanfall 2 is one of the most underappreciated games of all time, EA did a terrible job on its release date, making the best shooter of the month it came out being criminally underplayed. I'm not a fan of futuristic shooters, but Titanfall 2 delivers one of the best singleplayer campaigns in the genre while being so satisfying to play, with guns that feel so good to use. The mechanic introduced in the singleplayer is so well done, and the multiplayer is fantastic.

  • #156

    2004 / PC / JRPG

    Considered by many as the best Tales Of game, I came around to playing it when it came to steam, and it's the only one in the franchise that I've played for a significant amount of time, but I enjoyed enough to get interested in playing the rest of them.

    Despite getting repetitive when it comes to the combat, and having a story with predictable outcomes, the adventure is awesome and the game really shines as one of the great JRPGs out there.

  • #152

    1995 / SNES / JRPG

    Terranigma is an amazing JRPG, it's one of the best looking 16-bits games ever, it has one of the best soundtracks in the SNES, and it has a remarkable story. It's not higher on the list because it came out in the same year as Chrono Trigger and Seiken Densetsu 3, which are games that appealed much more to me, but I still really like Terranigma, it's fantastic.

  • #144

    2000 / PS2 / Fighting

    Maybe the fighting game with my favorite presentation ever. It's my favorite fighting game to look at (at least until Dragon Ball FighterZ came out) and it had one of the best soundtracks of a fighting game ever.

    I didn't play as much as the first one, but I revisited it a couple of times in later dates and it really holds up as one of the best of the genre.

  • #155

    2004 / PS2 / Racing

    I one of the people who think the second Underground was a downgrade from the first one for going to a open-world that was not well designed, it's the perfect example of open a whole city just to show they can, not really because they need to or because they could do something special with it that would be better. But the game is still fantastic, it became a huge success at the time it came out.

  • #156

    2018 / PC / FPS

    The most underrated multiplayer FPS games of the generation, it nailed what it was going for, but most people wrote it off as another one of those, especially since there are some people who don't like the WW2 setting. For me, it's the best setting for a big multiplayer shooter.

    Battlefield V was the most balanced game in the franchise at launch, it didn't have as many problems as the other games released in the decade, especially Battlefield 4. I have fun from the beginning, even in the beta I was having so much fun and seeing a really well-balanced game all-around, what's the best thing possible for a Battlefield game, in my opinion. The game kept evolving with each update and it's one of the best in the series.

  • #157

    2005 / PS2 / Sports

    One of my favorite sports game, a game that put fun above anything else, it had weird gameplay but it became really unique and fresh at the time it came out. It gives me a lot of nostalgia.

  • #159

    1994 / SNES / Action-Platformer

    My fourth favorite game in the Mega Man X series, it was really nice to have more of what Mega Man X gave me, despite not being as attached to it. I love this franchise and the SNES had a great run with it.

  • #158

    1992 / SNES / Racing

    Top Gear had a lot of elements that were ahead of its time. The game looked great and sounded amazing, for a 1992 SNES game. I played for so many hours, it was just a whole lot of fun.

  • #160

    2017 / PS4 / Action-Adventure

    While I was playing Uncharted The Lost Legacy I was amazed by how good this game was, how beautiful it looked and how it improved, and a lot of mechanics introduced in Uncharted 4.

    Looking back, I can't say it's better than 2, 3, or 4, but it sure deserves to be in this amazing franchise, and Chloe proved she's so great that Nathan wasn't necessary for an Uncharted game to be fantastic.

    The game has the best action sequence in the franchise, yes, better than the train sequence in the second game.